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Key benefits of eCommerce in the fashion & lifestyle industry

Increase your sales

  • Offer your B2C and B2B buyers an SEO-friendly, mobile-ready portal
  • Expand to new markets and locations
  • Add new product lines and grow SKU quantities
  • Personalize prices, catalogs, shipping options, and whole sub-sites

Improve customer experience

  • Free up time to bond with high-profile customers
  • Provide answers as customers search
  • Exceed your customers’ expectations

Automate your business

  • Streamline online sales automation
  • Streamline eCommerce processes
  • Manage multiple sites from a single platform
  • Integrations for any business needs

Future-proof your business

  • Be a leader in FMCG eCommerce
  • Expand into complex business models
  • Easily scale and grow your business
Go Colors
Go Colors

Replatforming, Migration, Integration with offline stores, loyalty program


Replatforming, Custom UI/UX, Integration with Tally


Revamped Shopify theme, developed mobile app, managed social media


Mult-brand set-up, Integration with SAP, Unicommerce, Offline stores

Park Avenue
Park Avenue

Custom theme, product personalization, Omni-channel solution, Integration with SAP


Integrations: SAP, Loyalty, Logistics, Offline stores.


Thank you Binary Team for the huge amount of time and effort that you’ve put into the development, creativity, design and realisation of our site. Binary’s whole team helped me develop an excellent website which is everything I wished for and more. No question goes unanswered. Our website looks fantastic. I am very pleased with the product and it was also a pleasure working with you. I must say wow! Excellent job!


Good experience with Binary Team. Unlike many vendors out there, Binary team does show that they have a mind of their own. Constantly challenging and pushing you to think through the business goal. while we were working they show wonderful agility to adapt to our way of work at aharveda. Project management using Zoho. and other tools makes the scope, time management easy. they adhere to and try to the envelope on quality. I will hire them again.


My experience with Binary was great and wow some. Communication was perfect. I literally described what I wanted via email and Account managers got it working in no time. If you need anything done with your Shopify store, I highly recommend this Experts. They are agile and fast, easy to communicate with and provides excellent value for money. Will be using him again for other changes I need to make to my store. I really appreciate the way they make WhatsApp group of whole team to keep communications in line and their Zoho Projects for Live preview for our benefits.

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