Marketing Automation Strategies to implement for your Business today

Businesses today spend a lot of time and money in marketing their business and products. If you are still hung up to the old conventional methods that takes lot of your time and efforts then you need to hold on.  Take a sneak peak at the following simple steps that would actually automate your marketing processes.

The study from Smart Insights – GetResponse states that not many businesses are tapping into the power of Marketing Automation tools. 54% of businesses use limited marketing automation while 20% aren’t using it at all. The technology tools like PPC and SEO are now a thing of the past but they are very much here to stay. Along with these, there ought to be a marketing strategy that automates the routine tasks with precision and find exact data that will help you score over your competitors.

To start with Marketing Automation, it may seem like a cumbersome task but mixing all the ingredients like an email platform, leads source, CRM full of client data can help you kick start.

Let’s look over at the fundamental strategies that you can use for Marketing Automation:

  1. Good dynamic Content – Businesses already have good amount of customer information about B2B clients in their CRM systems. With this information, companies can deliver personal content that reflects the behavior and history of the customers. CRMs and emails systems could be integrated together to make different segmentations.
    Segmentation can dramatically improve click rates by 62% higher that utilize information in your email database.
  2. Drip Campaigns – Drip campaigns are very effective for businesses with long sales lead-times. They are basically timely emails sent to your audiences that help to introduce business to the new clients. Drip campaigns have 98% conversion rate and helps to educate clients, new leads and new customers.
    Drip campaigns are simple to set-up but it requires effective managing. We have to check if the email platform really supports timed automatic triggered sending of emails to give consistent experience for all the contacts.
  3. Nurturing the Campaigns – Nurturing the leads is one of the most important aspects that need proper watering. Audiences can choose their own journey through automated campaigns. Dynamic content will help change the email based static fields and nurturing will segment your audience based on their interactions with your communications. It will automatically send them in the direction of their interests.
    This automation level is simply spell-bound and can help generate more leads at lower costs rather than using non-targeted static campaigns. Nurturing is particularly good option for leads that have engaged with your site but are not really ready with a direct proposition.
    For a successful nurturing of campaigns, there should be a lot of Calls-to-action and links in the emails for audiences. Audiences are looking forward for your interaction with them on social media and other search options. More marketers are looking forward for an integrated marketing solution.


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