Simple and effective workflow for building and maintaining Shopify themes

Today one of our team member (Ms Runali Patil, Shopify Developer Expert) shared a link on Shopify Theme Development Workflow. We found it very useful for anyone who want to develop theme on Shopify Platform.

Shopify Theme Development is little bit different then developing themes on WordPress. Shopify you do not run a local server instance or database because you don’t have to worry as, Shopify made a choice to reduce complexity by hosting and guaranteeing the quality of the data model. So, you don’t have to worry about ever updating your server. And Instead of that, you work locally and use a syncing utility to push your changes to the server instantly, where you can view them. If you are comfortable with the command-line, I highly recommend the shopify theme gem.

A typical workflow for a single feature branch:

  1. Pull from master and checkout a new branch
  2. Log into Shopify store admin
  3. Duplicate the published theme
  4. Rename the duplicated theme to the name of your branch
  5. Click “Customize Theme” of your new branch theme
  6. Note the theme ID in the URL (example: /admin/themes/9542224/settings)
  7. Edit the theme_id in config.yml to point to your branched theme
  8. theme watch and do your work
  9. Preview your work by navigating to that theme in Shopify admin and clicking preview
  10. Pull Request
  11. Rebase onto master, push to master repo
  12. Delete your branch (local and server)
  13. Delete your branched theme in Shopify Admin

You can also check this Video on Shopify Theme Development Workflow

This workflow makes use of the command line. It is not anything too intensive, but being comfortable with common commands will help. Firstly, You need to install Theme kit, it is cross platform command line tool for Shopify Theme Development.

Other then that you also check out couple of more resource on related to Shopify Theme Development, Which give you an insights from the Basic

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