SOSTAC Model of Marketing planning

Knowing where to start can be the toughest part when creating a digital marketing plan or a wider-scope marketing plan for the first time. By using PR Smiths’ SOSTAC® model you will have a clear structure that makes it quicker and easier to create the plan

So This is how it gets structured (SOSTAC)


  • 1. Situation Analysis
  • 2. Objectives
  • 3. Strategy
  • 4. Tactics
  • 5. Actions
  • 6. Control

Now once you structured your Digital Marketing Plan you also need to Plan Framework for Digital Marketing Practices which is critical to develop customized, agile, and strategic approach to your business’ unique needs. We can call it RACE.

    1. REACH

    2. ACT

    3. COVERT

    4. ENGAGE

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