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How to Drive Brand Awareness on Social Media

How to Drive Brand Awareness on Social Media


Social Media is all about building brand’s loyal following and creating awareness amongst the people. The Sprout Social Q1 2017 survey taken by over 1,000 consumers, amongst these 62 percent stated they would purchase from brand that they follow on social networks. It’s a common criteria for people to buy products from the brand who they are engaged with, in this case its social media, some may highly be influenced by bigger bill boards or samples tested, etc. Lets us have a quick look at how the companies are increasing their brand awareness and building customer loyalty on social media.

Provide Reliability

Customers are always looking for honesty and transparency while engaging with the brand; sometimes it needs just more than simply products and services. Customers’ value authentic relation in terms of services and products, they value the customized content furnished to them. Customers are usually buying from the influence they have for a brand. When a company emphasize on their own values and culture, customers regard them highly and starts involving in the community.


In the above image, we can see how CustomInk, a US based Apparel Company have used Instagram to facilitate the employees participating in 5k run to raise awareness about water conservation.


In the above image, we can see how Stash tea offers its customers a sneak peek into company’s tea lab procedures.


Sometimes, it is fun to give out-of-the-box to give your viewers the idea that you are fun related too. Like the way, we can see how ThinkGeek – computer retailer posted its photos of a trivia night on Instagram.

Co-Marketing – high value returns

Co-Marketing works wonders since it helps the brands to have exposure and stipulated reach. The research and data on target audience’s demographics helps other companies to see opportunities where they can join hands with marketing campaigns.


The above image shows example how Astley Clarke, retail jewelry store announced a giveaway along with other brand apparel retailer Hunza G.


In the above image, it shows how retailers Sole society, Public and Society come together to create #howisummer social promotion.

Highlight Social Customer Care

Customers are always looking for fast responses to their queries. Chatbots and live chats offer good customer care but brands should be aware to address their needs as sooner as possible. A genuine feedback from customers helps to get information on what your customers might be looking for. In the below example, it shows how Loft asked it shoppers with a survey form immediately after a live chat, “where they might have reached if chat option wasn’t available”.


Social Profile Research

Social networks are the most favorites when it comes to “networking for people” and “advertising for the brands”. If looked closely, one may see that social media features give greater marketing reliability than any other. Ecommerce retailers get the benefit of many features that social platforms have to offer, they can create their pages on portal and then make customized tab options or buttons required as per business needs. They can create sign-up forms, offers, shopping and many options to bring traffic on their website.

Social Profile

The above page shows a Shop Tab on Dharmacrafts Facebook page.

Instagram stories are another finer way for making time bound promotions. They help to create customer engagement and create social burst.

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