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Great traffic but no conversion on your Ecommerce Store

Great traffic but no conversion on your Ecommerce Store


First of all, merchant who go online, need to concentrate on developing Brand. Remember one this give your visitor reason to come back to your site, once they visit to your store they should remember you. Try build story around your Brand and product. A Brand needs to think about what sets you apart from all the rest.

The steps a brand need to follow to market their ecommerce store

    1. Define your buyer persona. This means really narrowing down who your customer is and speaking to them


    1. Take some time to learn about your target audience and ideal customer and start working towards marketing to them. Build Content around your Buyer Persona you have created


    1. Publish your content on all the channel based on where your TG or Buyer persona comfortable in form of Video/Image/Gif/Text. Once you know more about your audience, you can start focusing on ways to encourage sales that would work for them specifically and show you better returns. Don’t be pushy on selling you product instead try to educate them


    1. Analyses/Evaluate your activities and modify strategy based on the learning you have got on from your pat activity (This is a constant process)


    1. Once they covert engage them with you brand


Apart from above there are other things which needs to be done to get conversion on your ecommerce store.

“You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and drag them back to your store.”

 — Paul Graham, Y-Combinator

    • Always test your product by selling them on different marketplaces like Amazon/Ebay etc. do over all analysis in terms of competition, pricing, Service Quality , Demand vs Supply etc. By doing this you will able to know how your product is accepted by your customer and what modification needs to be done while you will launch and market your store. Ask your friends, family, Collegus and employees why or why not they will buy from you through your website.


    • Most of merchants in India we have seen are not concentrating on product image and its content. Please note too many stores out there right now look the same and utilize the same layouts and stock photos. It would also give your prospective customers a lot more confidence in your store when they see the extra polish that comes with having good photos. At end of the they waste their energy on paid marketing or even after generating enough traffic their site lacks good user experience.


    • You can also set up Live chat / Cues which are basically automatic messages to your site visitors as they land on your store (a greeting message, or a prompt to check out a limited time sale) or when they are about to leave (prompt them a discount). These are some things you can do to improve customer conversion and engagement.


  • As we mentioned above create some stories, testimonials… give it some life even social media will help. It goes without saying that social proof is a core driver of consumer confidence. Establishing a loyal user base that’s willing to provide reviews, ratings, and testimonials takes time and hard work. We will cover topic on Social Media and Ecommerce on another blog
  • Try to give unique service around product you offer for exp: customize product, Subscription offer, Cross promotion etc.

To Summarize above Define and Understanding customer and their behavior is an important part of running any business. If you haven’t already revisited your growth strategies in order to attract more customers and sales, there’s no better time than now

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