Why Shopify Plus is the Best Fit for Enterprise Ecommerce Business

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Date: September 20, 2021

Time: 11.30 pm IST - 1.30 pm IST

In This webinar you will learn

  • Primary features to look for in an Enterprise eCommerce platform
  • Why Shopify is just not a solution for small business
  • Enterprise features offered by Shopify
  • Comparison with other Enterprise e-commerce platforms
  • Success stories

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions today and is highly used by businesses due to its efficiency, ease and security. It currently has the second highest market share in the eCommerce platform. Shopify has set up a benchmark as an eCommerce platform for Small and Medium-sized Businesses/Enterprises. However, it is seen that Shopify has been often overlooked as the right solution for Enterprise businesses. The customers with Enterprise-sized eCommerce businesses have not consider Shopify as their desired ecommerce platform. This might happen since many of them are not aware of the varied offerings Shopify provides which caters to their Enterprise needs too.

All Common Questions which will get answered  on this webinar

  • What is the major differentiator when we are comparing Shopify Plus with Magento Enterprise?
  •  How enriched is the Shopify Appstore marketplace in comparison with other matured ecommerce marketplaces?
  • In what language are the private apps written in? What kind of developer would I need to hire?
  • Can Shopify help to make progressive web-apps?
  • Are different taxes handled via different extensions?

Shopify has made some amazing changes to help merchants during these tough times. Some features include gift cards and a 90 day free trial for new merchants! Check out the full list of resources here.

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Hosted By

Jayesh Khagram

CEO & Founder at Binary

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