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Our UI/UX process

Step 1

User research and analysis

Involves gathering user data, understanding their needs and behaviors, and identifying pain points and areas for improvement
Step 2

Information architecture and wireframing

Here, the focus is on organizing and structuring content to create a clear and intuitive user interface. This includes developing wireframes and site maps to guide the design process
Step 3

Prototyping and user testing

Prototyping involves creating interactive models to simulate the user experience, while user testing involves gathering feedback from users to refine the design
Step 4

Visual design and branding

involves crafting a visual language and brand identity that aligns with the user experience and business objectives
Step 5

Front-end development and integration

The design is translated into a functional and responsive user interface using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Step 6

Quality assurance and testing

Testing and quality assurance are performed to ensure that the design and functionality of the user interface meet the desired standards
Step 7

Launch and post launch support

Once the design is launched, ongoing support is provided to ensure that the user interface continues to meet the needs of users and the business

Expertise in designing tools

Adobe XD

Adobe XD











Top Brands Trust Our Shopify Plus Expertise

We specialize in building and expanding top-notch eCommerce stores for industry leaders


Enhanced comfort with bespoke UI and UX design


Crafted brilliance through custom UI and UX design


Custom UI / UX, Integration with Vinculum, Creative services

ITC Store
ITC Store

Personalized user experience, product sampling, and tailored business processes

Stryder Bike
Stryder Bike

Shopify setup, ERP integration, and seamless migration


User-driven UI enhancements for an optimized experience

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Your trusted partner in achieving real-world success through smart ecommerce business solutions

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See What Our Clients Have to Say


Working with these guys was a pleasure! They are very accommodating and take everything on board. They designed the project to my budget and didn’t mind that it wasn’t a big one. In addition, I didn’t know much about websites to start with. They explained everything and answered all my questions patiently. They dealt with the customization challenges of Shopify back-end with diligence and outstanding execution. Because I didn’t know a lot of the technical terms, let alone decide on what i needed, my project took longer than expected. Team was very understanding and didn’t mind redoing things because I wasn’t aware of certain aspects. I think this project was in the safest and most honest hands possible! I would definitely recommend you guys to my friends! I would recommend them with absolutely no hesitations.

Myra Collections

Efficient, punctual, responsive, earnest and enthusiastic. Team Binary is an efficient & enjoyable team to work with. The team showed great respect for time frames and worked to deadline. They were flexible and reliable and took the time to develop designs that suited the individual needs of the business. They listened & offered sound advise when required. They have done a great job customising my template, but more importantly have been available virtually 24/7 to answer all my questions, even the very silly ones! We the love the way they use Zoho Projects for us to monitor our website update which is live. A truly great experiance. Thanks Again.

Shop Organikós

Team Binary handled our entire e-commerce and web development project at Shop Organikós. Folks at Binary deserve more stars than are available for us to give here! What left an indelible impression on us are the following traits about this phenomenal company:
1. Uber professional working style
2. Technical knowledge
3. Responsiveness
4. Never-say-never attitude
5. Active stakeholders
THE BEST decision we have taken so far! Can’t thank you enough Team Binary!

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