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For every Shopify store we build, we go beyond expectations to deliver unparalleled value to those we collaborate with

Key benefits of eCommerce in the health care industry

Increase your sale

  • Expanded market reach
  • Customized shopping journeys
  • Educational content amplification
  • Optimized digital advertising
  • Cross-selling synergy
  • Data-driven decision making

Improve customer experience

  • Interactive virtual tours
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Video consultation previews
  • Interactive cost estimators
  • Live webinars and Q&A sessions
  • Healthcare quizzes and assessments
  • Instant verification
  • Appointment reminders and follow-ups
  • Progress tracking tools
  • Community forums and support groups
  • Guaranteed response times

Automate your business

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient registration and forms
  • Billing and payments
  • Electronic health records (EHR) system
  • Telemedicine and virtual
  • Consultations
  • Medication reminders
  • Appointment reminders and follow-ups
  • Marketing automation
  • Social media management
  • Online reviews and reputation
  • Management

Future proof your business

  • Embrace digital transformation
  • Focus on preventive care
  • Patient-centered approach
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Community engagement

Custom UI / UX, Integration with Vinculum, Creative services


Custom UI / UX, CRO Strategies, On-page optimization

Diva Cup
Diva Cup

Replatforming, Custom Theme Development, Multi-country website set-up


Shopify set-up, integration with prescription modules, custom website features

Tata NX
Tata NX

Shopify set-up, custom theme development, Custom Integration with BrownTape


Data Migration, backend optimization, landing pages


Crème – Castle

Shopify has lots of experts to help and there might be some who will be better. But I don’t think I could have found someone more cooperative and humble that Binary. The Binary team was very receptive of my demands from the very first day. I could feel that they could see the vision that I laid out for them. Each member of the team was very paitent with my demands and made sure that they don’t stop until I was fully satisfied. The professionalism level of the team is paramount. Even when the project is completed. they still listen to my requests and make sure they are fulfilled. Would recommend Binary to everyone out there.

Govind Dande & Sons Pvt. Ltd.

It was a brilliant experience working with these Shopify Experts. We worked through early mornings and long evening to ensure timely launch for the store. The entire Binary team also had detailed understanding of the Shopify platform and worked diligently on setting up the store from scratch. We love you guys for your incredible job. What a marvelous contribution of work.

Shop Organikós

Team Binary handled our entire e-commerce and web development project at Shop Organikós. Folks at Binary deserve more stars than are available for us to give here! What left an indelible impression on us are the following traits about this phenomenal company:
1. Uber professional working style
2. Technical knowledge
3. Responsiveness
4. Never-say-never attitude
5. Active stakeholders
THE BEST decision we have taken so far! Can’t thank you enough Team Binary!

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