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Buyer trends impacting wholesalers

From Omni channel to personalized buying, B2B has already made the shift online. Discover the three trends driving consumers, and what you can do to meet buyer expectations from discovery to delivery.


Tips from successful B2B brands

Adding a digital B2B channel to your business can transform your growth, Done right. Get first-hand advice from seven successful Shopify brands on what to prioritize when expanding into B2B eCommerce.


ECommerce platform features to look for

Wherever you are in your B2B journey, you can reach more customers and drive more sales from a platform that powers both B2B and DTC selling. Find out how to evaluate any eCommerce platform against six key features.

Transform Your B2B Strategy with Our Shopify B2B Guide

This resource provides clear guidance on managing large orders and setting strategic pricing for business clients. Secure your guide now to gain valuable insights on enhancing client interactions and advancing your wholesale business.

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Simplify your operations by seamlessly connecting with Shopify's adaptable integrations, open APIs, and automated order processing, reducing the time spent on managing multiple platforms.

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Shopify Plus was like an Excel spreadsheet; we didn’t realize how much it could do until we...



On Shopify Plus, our team has the liberty and the space to build relationships with customers,..

En Gold

En Gold

What I love about Shopify is that it is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, which is evidenced by additio..

Expand your B2B offering with the latest product updates

Simplify your operations by seamlessly connecting with Shopify's adaptable integrations, open APIs, and automated order processing, reducing the time spent on managing multiple platforms.

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All you need to know about Shopify B2B

  • What is Shopify B2B?

    Shopify B2B is a suite of features on Shopify Plus that allows businesses to sell products in bulk to other businesses directly through their Shopify store.

  • How does Shopify B2B differ from regular Shopify?

    Shopify B2B offers specialized tools for handling bulk orders, custom pricing, and business-specific needs, which are not typically a focus in regular Shopify consumer-oriented setup.

  • Can I use Shopify B2B for international sales?

    Yes, Shopify B2B supports international sales by offering multi-currency transactions and localized tax settings.

  • Does Shopify B2B integrate with my existing ERP systems?

    Shopify B2B can integrate with various ERP systems to ensure streamlined operations across your business processes.

  • How can I manage different price lists for different customers?

    Shopify B2B allows you to set custom price lists and assign them to specific customer profiles without the use of third-party apps.

  • Is it possible to offer net payment terms through Shopify B2B?

    Yes, with Shopify B2B, you can set up and manage net payment terms directly through the admin dashboard.

  • Can I personalize the shopping experience for each B2B customer?

    Absolutely, Shopify B2B provides options to personalize the shopping experience with customer-specific product catalogs and pricing.

  • What support is available for setting up Shopify B2B?

    Shopify offers a range of support options, including documentation, community forums, and customer support teams to assist you in setting up and managing your B2B storefront.

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Nilkamal Furniture

We’ve had the privilege of working with a partner who truly excels in every aspect. Their remarkable speed, unwavering commitment to quality, and exceptional after-sales services have been invaluable. What sets Binary apart is their incredible dedication to website development and maintenance; they’ve been maintaining our Nilkamal Furniture website since 2019, ensuring it remains top-notch. They’ve proven to be more than just a service provider; they are a trusted ally in our journey


It was a pleasure partnering with Binary Web Solutions. Their support and guidance helped us set-up ITCstore in a very short span of time. They have been a valuable partner and we truly appreciate our association with the organization


They are very professional. Very understanding and many times go out of their way to assist their customers. Hence, we have chosen Binary to start a close and long-term business relationship with.


At Binary, we’ve experienced the power of a reliable partner. Their remarkable speed, commitment to quality, and unmatched after-sales services have been integral to our success. What truly sets Binary apart is their exceptional business knowledge and integration services they’ve been providing since 2019. Their dedication to keeping our At Home website in top shape, right from platform migration to Shopify plus set-up to integration with ERP has made all the difference. They are more than just service providers; they are a key part of our team

Crème – Castle

Shopify has lots of experts to help and there might be some who will be better. But I don’t think I could have found someone more cooperative and humble that Binary. The Binary team was very receptive of my demands from the very first day. I could feel that they could see the vision that I laid out for them. Each member of the team was very paitent with my demands and made sure that they don’t stop until I was fully satisfied. The professionalism level of the team is paramount. Even when the project is completed. they still listen to my requests and make sure they are fulfilled. Would recommend Binary to everyone out there.

Doctor Dreams

Binary has played a pivotal role in the success of Doctor Dreams. Their remarkable speed, dedication to quality, and unwavering after-sales support have exceeded our expectations. What truly stands out is Binary’s impeccable website development and maintenance, a service they’ve been providing since 2019. Their commitment to keeping our online presence at its best has been instrumental in our growth. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

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Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Indore, Canada



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