Inbound Marketing Planning Guide HubSpot 2017

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It’s been said that the most productive agency-client relationships are true partnerships. But how do you create that partnership? The easiest and most effective way is by leading your clients through creating an annual inbound marketing plan.

Outlining the year’s inbound marketing plan lets you both level-set for what to expect for the year – what types of campaigns will be run, what the campaign goals are, and what messages will be emphasized. Having an annual planning session creates the opportunity for you to expand the client relationship by either moving a project-based client to a retainer contract or upselling the monthly current retainer.

Download The Inbound Marketing Planning Guide to learn how to do annual inbound marketing planning and set your clients on the path to success.

Topics Include:

  • How to do annual inbound marketing planning
  • Marketing plan checklists and questionnaries
  • Examples of inbound marketing campaigns to get you started

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