Project Overview:

Go Colors, a vibrant and trend sеtting brand in the fashion industry, offers an еxtеnsivе ­­­­­­­­­range of colors in bottom wеar for women. With more than 500 physical stores across the globe, Go Colors sought to rеplicatе thеir offlinе succеss in thе digital rеalm.



Go Colors facеd sеvеral challеngеs with thеir еxisting onlinе platform:

1. Displaying Multiple range of colors in single product with more than 99 variants.

2. Streamlining Inventory Management and Distribution of their warehouses

3. Implementing a Loyalty Program

4. Implementation of Logistics partners

5. Implementation of return and refund


Solutions Provided by Binary: 

1. Displaying Multiple Product Colors and Variants

Situation: Go Colors required an innovative approach to display over 99 product variants, including various colors and shades, on their ecommerce platform.


Solution: Binary developed a sophisticated solution that enabled the display of all color variants on a single page. All variants with the single page approach, wherein this approach we have the facility to upload primary colors, secondary colors, prints and shimmers all on one page, we have given the facility to distribute as well. Each page are separate page which creates multiple page of a single product. Yet keeping it SEO friendly, each and every colors has their own meta field, meta keywords, meta description as per Google shopping & SEO. This approach not only improved the user experience but also simplified the product selection process for customers.


2. Streamlining Inventory Management and Distribution

Situation: The existing inventory system, managed via Vinculum, was not meeting the evolving needs of Go Colors. The client required a more agile and efficient system to handle their diverse inventory, they have more than 8 warehouses.

Solution: Binary implemented Unicommerce, a more robust inventory management system, and developed a custom middleware for seamless integration. This integration included a ‘Hop-in Logic’ system, which prioritizes order distribution based on geographical proximity and inventory availability across multiple warehouses.


Order Distribution: Orders are assigned based on priority pin codes to the nearest store. If a product is unavailable, it is marked ‘no store’, allowing Go Colors admins to allocate orders manually.

Master Warehouse: Unassigned orders automatically go to the master warehouse, ensuring no order is left unattended.


Real-time Inventory Updates: Inventory integration is performed every two hours, ensuring up-to-date information.


Accuracy in Order Processing: By sending only confirmed orders to SAP, the system avoids the complications that might arise from processing incomplete or tentative orders. This leads to a more efficient order fulfillment process, reducing errors and improving overall operational efficiency.


SAP Integration: The integration of Go Color’s order management system with SAP plays a crucial role in streamlining their business processes. Binary has set up the system in a way that orders from Go Color’s online platform are only sent to SAP once they are fully confirmed. This methodical approach ensures


Several key benefits:Enhanced Order Management: This integration allows for better management of orders, as SAP only deals with orders that are final and ready to be processed. It helps in keeping the order data clean and organized, making it easier for the Go Colors team to track and manage orders.


Streamlined Workflow: The confirmation-first approach streamlines the workflow between Go Color’s ecommerce platform and SAP. It simplifies the order handling process, making it more straightforward and manageable.


Customer Satisfaction: This system indirectly benefits the customers as well, as it minimizes the chances of order-related issues and delays. With a streamlined process, customers are more likely to receive their orders on time and as expected.


Operational Efficiency: By integrating with SAP in this manner, Go Colors ensures that its backend operations are tightly aligned with its ecommerce activities. This alignment leads to more efficient use of resources and better overall performance of the business.


3. Implementing a Loyalty Program

Situation: Go Colors wished to integrate a loyalty program, into their Shopify platform.


Solution: Binary  successfully implemented the loyalty program, Easy Reward within Shopify. This integration allowed for the seamless application of discount codes and point redemption directly on the platform.


4. Implementation of Logistics partners

Situation: Not  have logistics partner was not meeting the evolving needs of Go Colors, wasOccupying more people for the services

Solution: Binary is currently managing logistics through Delivery and is in the process of integrating with Shiprocket for future deliveries. We have implemented 2 logistics partners, for serving the major pin codes of India. This upcoming change aims to further improve the delivery process for Go Colors.


5. Implementation of return and refund

Situation: Go Colors wanted to make exchange and return easy for their clients

Solution: We have built a program where customers can cancel pre-dispatched order from website, till the order is not dispatched or after receiving the product within 30 days customer can return. While cancellation customer receives refund after 24 hours. There could be possibility for frauds, so we have kept an automation of refund after 24 hours. Same applies to return, but in case of return customer receives refund after product pickup from customers location.


Admin Control: Admins have the flexibility to stop the automatic refund process, offering greater control over return and refund policies.


Outcome and Impact

These solutions significantly enhanced Go Color’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The streamlined display of product variants and robust inventory management system improved the shopping experience, while the loyalty program integration fostered customer loyalty and engagement


Rеsults Achiеvеd:

Thе transformation lеd to significant improvеmеnts:


  • Enhancеd onlinе usеr еxpеriеncе, closеly mirroring thе in-storе fееl of Go Colors.
  • Strеamlinеd е-commеrcе opеrations, improving thе еfficiеncy of ordеr procеssing and invеntory managеmеnt.
  • Succеssful intеgration of onlinе and offlinе channеls, providing a sеamlеss omnichannеl еxpеriеncе.
  • Incrеasеd customеr satisfaction, thanks to improvеd onlinе shopping fеaturеs and rеliablе ordеr fulfillmеnt.




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