Neude Skin – Revolutionizing E-commerce for a New Skincare Brand

Executive Summary­­

Neude Skin, a pioneering skincare brand, sought to establish a strong eCommerce presence for their innovative product line. Binary collaborated closely with a design agency to guide the design and feasibility aspects, while implementing a customized Shopify store with a focus on enhanced UI/UX, conversion rate optimization, and user experience, resulting in significant improvements in conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction.

About the Client

Brand Brief: Neude Skin offers a supercharged milk revolution for glazed skin, blending the timeless goodness of milk with highly effective actives. Their products are designed to enhance natural glow and hydration, providing a dewy, healthy complexion. Neude Skin’s innovative textures deliver comfort and nostalgia with every application.

Client Challenges:

  • Being a new brand, Neude Skin needed to establish a robust online presence.
  • The brand required a unique and engaging eCommerce platform to attract and retain customers.
  • They faced challenges in effectively showcasing their product features and benefits.
  • Ensuring easy product discovery and intuitive navigation was critical for a seamless user experience.


  • Implement a custom UI/UX design for the Shopify store.
  • Set up a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy to increase conversions.
  • Develop and integrate custom offers and product combos.
  • Create a category-based blog section to drive organic traffic and engagement.
  • Design intuitive navigation for easy product discovery.
  • Enhance the product detail page to highlight features, concerns, results, ingredients, and application videos.
  • Optimize the shopping cart for better conversions and highlight offers.


Project Scope

  • Custom UI/UX Design Guidance
  • Shopify Store Setup
  • CRO Strategy Implementation
  • Custom Offers & Combos Setup
  • Category-based Blog Section Development
  • Intuitive Navigation Design
  • Product Detail Page Enhancement
  • Shopping Cart Optimization



  • Initial Consultation and Requirement Gathering: Understanding Neude Skin’s brand values, product range, and specific needs.
  • Planning and Strategy: Developing a detailed plan and strategy to address the identified challenges and meet project objectives.
  • Design Guidance: Collaborating with a design agency to ensure the feasibility and alignment of the design with Neude Skin’s vision.
  • Development Phase: Implementing the custom design, setting up Shopify, and integrating required features.
  • Testing Phase: Rigorous testing to ensure functionality, usability, and performance.
  • Launch and Post-Launch Support: Successful launch of the eCommerce store with ongoing support and optimization.


Implementation Details:

  • Custom UI/UX Design Guidance: Provided expert guidance to the design agency to ensure a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that resonates with Neude Skin’s brand identity.
  • Shopify Store Setup: Efficiently set up the Shopify store with all necessary integrations and configurations.
  • CRO Strategy: Implemented strategies to enhance conversion rates, such as personalized recommendations and streamlined checkout processes.
  • Custom Offers & Combos: Set up special offers and product combos to encourage higher cart values and repeat purchases.

  • Category-based Blog Section: Developed a blog section to provide valuable content, drive organic traffic, and improve SEO.

  • Intuitive Navigation: Designed a navigation system that allows customers to easily find products and information.

  • Enhanced Product Detail Page: Highlighted key product features, concerns addressed, results, ingredients, and application videos to provide comprehensive product information.

  • Shopping Cart Optimization: Optimized the cart to highlight offers and facilitate better conversions.



Obstacles and Solutions:

  • Brand Establishment: Overcame the challenge of establishing Neude Skin as a trustworthy brand by creating a professional and appealing eCommerce presence.
  • Product Showcase: Addressed the need for effectively showcasing product benefits and features through detailed product pages and engaging content.
  • Navigation and Discovery: Ensured easy navigation and product discovery through intuitive design and user-friendly interfaces.



  • Significant improvement in conversion rates.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Increased average order value through custom offers and combos.
  • Improved organic traffic and SEO performance due to the blog section.

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