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The online portal should be integrated with its offline Sony Centers which would do the fulfillment and delivery.

Client Background

Sony India Division (electronics business) wanted to set-up an online shopping store for its customers to be able to shop from varied product assortment of televisions, camaras, audio and PlayStations. The online portal should be integrated with its offline Sony Centers which would do the fulfillment and delivery. The orders should be accepted only if the nearest Sony Centers would have the product inventory.


  • Sony India cannot do direct business in India due to FDI Norms
  • Integration with 160 Sony Centers and their inventory systems
  • Integration with Sony India’s SAP
  • Integration with third party APIs like GWT, CDP, for pulling digital assets
  • Online shopping platform and its National Distributor has to be compliant to various security norms defined by Sony’s Global Team
  • Offer finance schemes that would match offline shopping experience

Solutions provided by Binary

  • Binary became the national distributor for SID, wherein Binary owned the website platform, legal contracts with its Sony Centers, managed compliances like GST, TDS, TCS, etc. on behalf of Sony and Sony Centers
  • Binary developed Sony’s online shopping portal on Shopify Plus, a SAAS based platform that is compliant to global security standards like PCI Compliance, GDPR, Server security, payment gateway, logistics, etc.
  • Binary set-up its online store that matched offline shopping experience, wherein it has done customizations as below:
    • Set-up product combos that would offer discounts to customers and increase its sales
    • Setting up finance schemes like Low Cost EMIs on cards and Bajaj Finance loans
    • Validating the product serial numbers to avoid double financial loans
  • Binary developed a custom admin management system which would manage the below functions for Sony Brand Team:
    • Onboarding new Sony Centers
    • Mapping products with SAP
    • Mapping products inventory with SAP
    • Mapping warehouse stock
    • Mapping serviceable pincodes with its Sony Centers
    • Mapping order priority logics
    • Order hopping logics
  • Binary set-up a process to pay its Sony Centers on weekly basis, as per the orders fulfilled by Sony Centers. Here, the custom admin module would manage the below functions
    • Ability of Sony Centers to upload “Proof of Delivery”
    • Approval by Sony Team on “Proof of Delivery”
    • Weekly payout generation that would show each Sony Centers the payouts generated after adjusting below components:
      • Binary Commission
      • Payment Gateway Charges
      • GST
      • TDS Deduction
    • Integration with SAP
    • Integration with GWT to pull digital assets for the website
    • Management of customer support function
    • Management of exclusive PlayStation 5 campaigns, wherein below guidelines had to be taken care:
      • Manage traffic of more than 1 lakh concurrent users during sale go-live
      • Manage sale of product within the allocated inventory
      • Manage server performance and security during peak load hours
    • Lead Management
      • Capture leads of interested customers (in case if products are out of stock in any given pincode)
      • Manage the lead status
      • Inform customers when the product is in stock
      • Sell the products once they are in stock

Results Achieved

  • YOY traffic generated on website: 17 Million+ , with average growth of 30% yearly basis
  • YOY sales generated: 50 Million+
  • Smooth integration of 160 Sony Centers with our admin system
  • Smooth order processing for customers and Sony Centers
  • Generation and processing 1 Lakh+ orders
  • Realtime inventory sync between Sony Centers and SAP
  • Achieved infrastructure security
  • Managed turn around time of 48 working hours for customer support management

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