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Mobile Speed gets better with Google’s “Testmysite” tool!


Mobiles are the next generation electronic devices that have replaced every conventional mode of things and processes. Thanks to electronic media and the pace that it is growing at. Mobiles are an epitome for making major purchase decisions or having an important meet or talking to a loved one while on-the-go. Yes, Mobiles have completely changed the way we ever communicated or purchasing the things we ever desired practically from just any corner of the world. Most big brands today have their mobile sites where people can browse the products and order it online. Millions of dollars are transacted each day for shopping online. The highly important element here is to have a good layout of the website and easy browsing features. As mobile websites are becoming more and more popular, it has become highly important to maintain the loading speed of the website. An average consumer loses interest in your web page if it takes more than 3 seconds, and the losses amount to thousands of dollars a year whether you believe it or not!

Hence, Google has been constantly and clearly updating people with the importance of having Mobile friendly website designs with its update Mobilegeddon and Mobile Testing tool on This wonderful tool from Google was originally out in the year 2014; it technically evolved over the period of next two years. Google is a widely used search engine that has been in existence for almost 30 years now. People use it just for any damn thing on earth, whether its shopping, finding info, buying, selling, watching, traveling, just anything. Hence, Google has made it upfront that it will give more importance to the sites that are mobile friendly and optimization would be a priority. According to Google, “people are five times more likely to leave a mobile site that isn’t mobile-friendly,” and “nearly half of all visitors will leave a mobile site if the pages don’t load within 3 seconds.” It is now highly important for business owners to have a site that is mobile friendly. Let us get into little details of Google Mobile Testing Tool that is being enormously used by marketers.

Google’s Mobile Testing tool is one of the best tools that marketers and brands can ever use to grab users attention. With this unique tool, brands can now know how effective their mobile site is, in reaching the audiences and how longer would they stay on site or make purchases. For checking your website, you can simply enter the URL highlighted above. Once in, you get following images. It’s a process that takes you through and analyzing the whole website:

In the above you can see that we have taken an example of Facebook. As soon as you put the site address, the tool starts processing your request and you get to see something like the below given image

Loading your site

The results that the tool gives are pretty much self-explanatory of sorts and they are even easier for analyzing. Interpretation could be self and based out of ones’ expectations. Tests are done so that some solution can be defined and some improvisation reflects the results.

testing on Standard

Google tool goes through all tests so that the results one gets could be genuinely interpreted as a unified result of the site being check on different devices.

Get my Free

After analyzing the whole site, you get the results like the above image. The result says the site’s loading time falls into fair category. You can see a check box with written words like “GET MY FREE REPORT”. Click over it and you are more likely to get report from Google in an hours’ time. The below image exactly depicts the report that is sent by Google.

Let's get your mobile site

Industry comparison

Visitors are important when it comes to brand awareness so brands should be careful that they do not lose out on valuable visitors that they are getting on their website. Google’s Mobile Testing tool show other options when you get its detailed information. It thoroughly helps brands to analyze the performance and make necessary changes.

Make your site

The Report states the areas where site needs improvement. It goes through all the things like CSS, HTML, Scripts and images. The tool gives a total evaluation of how long the site is going to take to load its images and other related content.

With the release of this tool, Google also launched new AMP testing tool. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, this tool is available on and from within the Google Search Console. The tool works on any mobile device and it makes use of Google’s “live web-search infrastructure”. It analyzes the AMP page using actual Googlebot. You get real time results. Top things to know about Google AMP, it will give you detailed list of things that you need to know for optimizing your mobile pages.

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