7 Reasons why Indian Brands looking for growth in their E-Commerce business should opt for Shopify Gold

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Shopify has launched Shopify Gold in India in 2017, for rapidly growing and enterprise e-commerce websites in mind. These businesses require hands-on support and the ability to handle larger amounts of traffic and transactions to serve enterprise and high-volume customers.

Why we have taken this topic is, as we meet or interact with many brands on a weekly basis and they always ask us why they will opt for Shopify gold as the preferred e-commerce platform against the other platform or even why not they choose from other options which are given by Shopify only at a cheaper rate.

So here are the Seven reasons why a Brand need to Choose Shopify Gold

    1. The Technology:
      The key Benefit of choosing Shopify Gold is the technology they offer to their enterprise customer at Minimal cost considering the large investment brand need to do initially in terms of E-commerce Development, Implementation, Compliances, Hosting, UI / UX followed by Ongoing Maintenance in terms Integration, Database management, Security Patches, Upgrades etc.Imagine there no charge for extra bandwidth, unlimited SKUs, 99.99% uptime, 600,000 orders per minute, and 7000+ CPU Cores.


      So mainly Brand can focus on their growth strategy and ROI in terms of Conversion optimization, Social or Inbound Marketing


    2. Option to Create Multistore:Shopify Gold gives facility to brand to create and maintain their multi e-commerce store.
        • Multistore option to serve their customers in different regions to give personalized product and maintain inventory or product listing for that particular region


        • Multi-currency is the need of an hour for High volume businesses to maintain price across region considering costing of Logistics, Payment gateway, customer support etc


        • Multi-Language to serve customer in their local languages give personalized touch by delivering content in their local language



    1. Integration of API with their existing Enterprise software like (SAP/ Microsoft Dynamic CRM etc)Normally Enterprise client always has their existing IT or System and process which generally they won’t like to get disturbed. So always it is advisable to have a solution which seamlessly integrates with their existing Applications. Shopify Gold is exactly suitable for such kind of requirement because, with their Advance API, a brand can integrate their e-commerce store within less turnaround time.


    1. Customize UI/UX, Development and Security CertificatesA UI / UX and Developer can give customize experience at the same time checkout experience of their own URL. Which gives them the freedom to build design and solution as per Brand requirement. Apart from this their entire site PCI Compliance with SSL certification with out any additional cost


    1. Access to Advance APIs:As Shopify Gold customer, a brand can access their APIs and Shopify Scripts, so their developers can create logic around the solutions they need for the brand for exp. through Discount APIs they can build conditional discounts product wise or Collection wise or Customer wise.


  1. Dedicate Merchant Manager:A Shopify Gold customer gets a dedicated account manager 24/7 with priority support who are based in India. So, if a Brand needs any help in terms of any integrations, support or queries. Even there are Indian based Shopify gold partners who can help brands in terms of any customization or integration.
  2. PricingYou will get details of their price from Shopify Gold site or by enquiring them or any partners with customization features but here is what they charge


    0.4% of monthly sales or Rs. 65000/month,whichever is higher, to a maximum of Rs. 130,000/month.


    and Surprise to see if you compare with Shopify plus, which almost half Which is 0.25% of monthly store sales or $2,000/month, whichever is higher, to a maximum of $40,000/month


    With same Technology, Features, and Support


    Apart from this Shopify India team is constantly working on improving technologies and especially challenges faced by an Indian Brands. So in Near future, we can see many Big or aspiring brands with opt of Shopify gold as their preferred E-commerce platform.


    As of now more than 100 Business already using Shopify Gold which includes Brands like Raymonds, Meena Bazaar, Joh and Jacobs etc


    All details are available on their Shopify gold website but apart from that if you need any details, Please feel to connect with us.



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