Introducing an inter-organisational business incubation event focused on enhancing our team’s entrepreneurial spirit’s and ambitions.
Binary Entrepreneur League is designed in such a way that its character targets to give a new lease to Binarians thought patterns, help in developing their creative thinking element and get their innermost entrepreneur desires up and running.
Here are our 5 final teams:

1. Dresskart

Introduction: Every color says your mood and reflects your personality,Dresskart provides all the shades and patterns for enhancing your beauty.

Vision: Our vision to be the No. 1 retailer for dress materials in India

Our Mission: To expand our business both offline and online and have a powerful presence on both fronts.
Our Value: Integrity, Respect and Passion for excellence, working together.

2.Happy Feet

Happy Feet
Happy Feet brings to you a wide range of ladies footwear ranging from trendy Chappals to cool Sandals.
If you are looking for happiness for your feet as well as to your wallet, this is where your hunt ends!!!

Vision: To bring happiness to ladies who wish to buy comfortable and trendy footwear at economical prices.

Mission: To help ladies who wish to buy comfortable and trendy footwear at economical prices find their fitting pairs of Chappals & Sandals

3. Fashion Hub & Crafts

Fashion Hub & Crafts
Fashion Hub & Crafts is our Fashion idea of giving our esteemed customers the best in terms of Design, Style and Quality.
We keenly look forward tying up with prominent designer houses to add value to our on-going business.
Vision:To bring exclusive designer pieces that are one of a kind having best quality at its core.
Mission: to churn out the best design pieces directly from manufacturers and bring it to final consumers at very affordable rates.

4. Masala Makers:

Masala Makers
Mission: We ensure to deliver high quality premium spices with the right mix of health and taste
Vision: To make Spices and Mix “Taste Like Never Before”

5. Classy Desis

Classy Desis
Classy Desis, is a fashion brand that brings to you, meticulously chosen contemporary as well as traditional jewelry.
Vision: We envision ourselves as people’s choice of the go to brand, when it comes to artificial jewelry.
Mission: The mission of Classy Desis is to have something in store for ever


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