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How brands can maximize sales by using Amazon 1P Multichannel Marketing

How brands can maximize sales by using Amazon 1P Multichannel Marketing


Amazon is one of the largest Ecommerce portals with over 100,000 sellers and hence faces immense competition within the dealers. Amazon provides multiple options for vendors to showcase their products and hence exclusive vendors get an access to their marketing tools to build their online presence. But, like every great thing takes time, to get verified conversion it takes time to build audiences over running campaigns. Let us step down to few of the marketing basics, as it’s commonly known as first party (1P) marketing.

Being a 1P vendor can get you many, many real benefits – it increases consumer confidence since shoppers will see the products as being sold by Amazon. This will enhance the product reliability and it is seal of approval that no third party gives. The vendors get to use more marketing tools on Amazon retail as compared to third party platforms. Vendors will be able to use 1P marketing only by invitation from Amazon, only after that they will be able to access Vendor Central portal.

Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing services (AMS) provide PPC ad solutions to its vendors that help them to reach new customers and drive their sales. This advertising service is for suppliers on Vendor Central and Vendor Express. Vendors can use headline ads and product display ads along with sponsored products that are offered to 3P sellers.

Sponsored Products

These ads are the PPC keyword based program that gives 1P vendors opportunity for more promotions. The ads appear on product pages and below the search results. Sponsored products are the best places on Amazon to increase your product exposure. Sponsored ads will land your ad on the first page when the users are searching for your product category. The ads are only displayed only for items where the vendors own the buy box.

Headline Search Ads

Headline search ads are the targeted Cost per click (CPC) ads that appear at the top of first page of search results on desktop and mobile pages. These ads give more visibility to brands and chance to interact with customers right from the start of purchase process.

Product Display Ads

These CPC Ads appear only on related product pages, these ads are not targeted by keywords. The ads are useful if your target audience’s interests are very specific to product that the brands sell.

Following are the key AMS Campaign strategies you can use:

  1. Match your keywords with Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN), combine your brand name with high level product category items.
  2. Manually add the keywords and prepare a good keyword list adding relevant misspellings. Aggressive bidding will help to capture relevant traffic to your ads.
  3. Reach out to new customers and promote high-level product categories, make use of product display and headline searches.
  4. Review your performance by reporting metrics; analyze ASINs, check for relevant and matching keywords.

Advertising Options for 1P Merchants

1P merchants can benefit by using promotional programs and other marketing tools made available by Amazon. The promotional programs include subscription service, Deal of the day, Lightening deals. There are thousands of vendors that are working with Amazon so brands should note the fact that their brand may not have guaranteed access.

Amazon Vine helps to send your product to top reviewers before it is put on sale. As consumers trust UGC more than ads, it can help to boost your sales.

A+ Content Pages helps to form a bulleted list of your product, brand can use logo, embedded video and other interactive feature for consumers to look at product and connect better. Amazon reports states that A+ helps to increase the sale on an average by 3 to 10% where brands can provide information and users are better able to connect through the use of improved SEO and content.


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