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What Is a Chat Bot or Conversational User Interface & Importance in Ecommerce?

What Is a Chat Bot or Conversational User Interface & Importance in Ecommerce?

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A chatbot is an increasingly popular use of artificial intelligence (AI) that can be used for any number of customer service situations (like a personal shopper that helps customers find the product they need), using any major chat platform (such as Slack or Facebook Messenger).

A Conversational User Interface, or CUI, describes the way the chatbot interacts with the customer in a human, life-like way


  • Why Are Chat Bots and CUI Important to E-Commerce?

Adding a fun, conversational interface to an e-commerce website creates a richer experience for the customer and for the merchant. For example, say a customer uses a chatbot to check on order status. The chatbot quickly provides the customer with the right information, which means the customer doesn’t have to waste time searching the website. Plus, the chat bot records the data on this conversation, which leads to a richer view of the customer and allows the merchant to fur – ther improve any future interactions.


  • How Can Brands Implement Chat Bots and CUI?

The best chatbots make the customer feel like they’re interacting with a real person. And yet, designing these human-like, conversational experiences requires an entirely different design and development mindset. In this context, the conversation becomes the most important element. The chatbot needs to be able to suggest next steps, highlight certain options, and unobtrusivelylead the user to the answers the merchant wants to see. Because real humans tend to speak in highly non-conforming ways, open-ended questions can provoke answers that are tough for the technology to decipher. It’s therefore critical to carefully plan out the complex branching logic required to present a smooth customer/chatbot experience.

How Facebook Chatbots are changing E-commerce?

How Facebook Chatbots are changing E-commerce?


E-Commerce has grown stupendously over the last one decade and the idea of Live Chats has been used for quite sometime now. Although, it has not been prominently used. But with developments happening, Live Chats are soon going to be the norm, its Chatbots that will act like Humans talking to Humans!

Chatbots will completely change the face of Ecommerce; consumers will now be getting answers for their queries online through live chats. Chatbots will answer all customer queries that are related to brand or a product or a service. Customers appreciate this new approach and according to the recent reports by eMarketer Survey reveals that 63% of customers are likely to return to the site having live chat feature.

Live Chats services are often offered by brands on their E-Commerce platforms, it consists of most advanced features including survey forms, queuing up, transcripts, analytics and reports. These are mainly useful to handle customer queries and concerns about the products. Chatbots are bringing in a new revolution of a kind that brings entire Ecommerce to one subject topic of “Live chats”. It not only helps create social awareness but also helps to build brand loyalty too mainly because customers can directly interact with the brand without waiting for emails to be answered or calling the company.

Conversational E-Commerce is in!

Messaging apps are now being targeted for use in Business. Facebook messenger has taken the first official step; it is one of the most viable channels for business interactions that help to connect to customers. Billions of people are using Facebook and messenger service as a means to connect with each other. Facebook made available its messenger platform for developers so that developers can embed it on their sites or apps.

Talking of Messenger Apps, it has long been used since 2015 when Uber tapped Facebook Messenger on its app that allowed customers to book their ride through the chat window. It was then first coined as “Conversational Commerce”.

Improved Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the latest developments in Digital commerce where lots of things are happening at one time. AI has reached the level, where things are meant to be worked without the use of Human brain. The bigger tech players have already started investing in machine learning and natural language processing to be part of the big boom in the making. Artificial Intelligence bought a Digital revolution marking a new beginning.

Chatbots are learning a lot of things that seem very natural in a learning process; they are learning human interactions and trying to accommodate the future interactions too.

Chatbots can help in multiple ways to facilitate the buying journey of a consumer, they are programmed to help create awareness, solve queries, educate the potential customer and influence them in making a buying decision. Chatbots are programmed to handle after-sale activities or providing any further service the customer is looking for.

Facebook have continually supported Business Ecommerce through varied means, its recent plan of launching Whatsapp for Business truly marks the beginning of a new revolution where Business will solely be conducted through live chats whether they are Chatbots or consumers chatting online. The recent developments truly reveal Facebook Messenger will encourage sale of Physical products in the era where more and more businesses are getting online.

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