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Top key strategies to help you gain back the traffic on your site

Top key strategies to help you gain back the traffic on your site

Ecommerce Technology

Getting traffic on the websites is one of the key elements to get customers buying products from you. There are remarkable ways through which you can attract your customers by knowing the right time and place to market your business. Mobile optimization is one of the top priorities because more and more people are shopping on-the-go so brands should be making super easy for them to get on their webpage and have a hurdle-free shopping experience. Let us take a look at some of the key strategies that will help to gain traffic on your webpage.

  1. Optimized Mobile Strategy – Physical stores have geographic limitations, this can be overcome by the means of Geotargetting. Geotargetting helps to boost the food traffic on webpages through shopping and making use of search campaigns. The bid modifiers help to target relevant ads while shoppers are closer to store.A survey by Deloitte showed 49% of mobile traffic. Google’s free tool allows anyone to check on the site speed and provide recommendations on different ways that can help optimize the mobile site.Cart abandonment is a common issue; brands should provide frictionless buying experiences to their customers. Customers are looking for similar experiences the way they find it on using desktops. Checkout options must be optimized that ensures to keep up with the sale.

  2. Maximizing Returns on Investments – The past data can be useful in predicting the top performers; it also helps to analyze previous year’s output. The past data helps to make informed decisions on products.Remarketing strategies are highly sustainable with proper approach; you can make a list of audiences that bought products and then increasing the bids on those audiences. It will help to derive a conversion.

  3. Promotional Strategy – Promotions are part and parcel of any business, competitive pricing helps shoppers who are looking for good deals. Promotion price can also be offered for special festivity and occasions.Some consumers are also looking for Free Shipping; it’s a great way to attract customers. A study by Deloitte says that 63% consumers shop from online retailers offering free shipping.

  4. Social Media Strategy – Social media strategies form the base of online purchase, research shows 27% consumers make use of social media platforms to make online buying decisions. Customers vouch for colorful images; they attract more attention and help to stand out from the competition.

    Marketers make use of audience strategy, custom audiences on Facebook helps to target your customer base. Brand can expand their reach by using Lookalike audiences on Facebook for targeting the consumers which are very similar to demographics.

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