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SEO is a capricious industry because Google Algorithm keeps changing ever so often and with every update brings new changes. It keeps evolving every day; this strongly boosts the power at which SEO specialists are tuning up with the updates. Given below is the best guide for SEO managers to stay on par amongst related SEO business:

  1. Optimization for Rich Answers

Optimize for rich answer

As it is, aiming for top position in Google searches is a good idea; today more focus is being laid on Rich Answers too. The research by Stone Temple Consulting states that rich answers appear on 19.45% of total searches on Google. The number may not seem too high at present but looking at the scale at which it is growing, it shall surely increase in the future. Google has made it very clear that it will provide value to its users by giving them relevant information through rich answers.

   2. Reviewing other Content on Google

Mozcast Google Feature review is the tool where it features other types of content within the Google results. Rich answers are mentioned here as “featured snippets”. Other similar feature available is “Related questions” this features explicably shows how articles should try covering the questions. Other than these, videos and images are other ways through which SERPs rank better.

    3. Improving the user engagement

Although the speculation is very ripe about user engagement a possible element, which influence the ranking factor but it merely has too indirect influence on search rankings. Eventually, it is up to the website owners to optimize the sites if they are really looking forward for good results. There are other factors that include average time spent on the site, the bounce rates, pogo sticking and more. Lack of data is one of the most thumbing factors that make it difficult to measure search engine success.

Matt Banner from states that User engagement is of prime importance in the present day. According to him, the user is going to spend more time if he enjoys the website. They will visit more pages and hence contribute to low bounce rates for overall site and these are the people which are more likely to visit your website again. He further states that the positive elements of the website will help Google rank the website higher since if the user likes the website, there are likely chances for Google also finds it beneficial.

   4. Optimization of Mobile App

Mobile Markets are getting bigger by the day, Google’s Mobile friendly update – Mobilegeddon encourages the site owners to develop responsive designs that helps increase the loading speed of the mobile devices. A good loading speed will ensure more retention of users on the website. eMarketer figures show stunning rise in mobile ads and Google will play significant role delivering the content to the mobile users through app store optimization. App Indexing is one the latest developments that will make an impact on how pages are ranked for targeted keywords.

    5. Google’s guidelines

Google’s guidelines keeps evolving based on the changes and the way people it. Here is the brief of the search guidelines stated by the Google:

  1. High quality standards are set on YMYL pages. Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) pages are pages that include financial information pages, shopping transaction pages, medical information pages, legal information pages and other such similar sites. Low quality YMYL pages can give negative impact one’s health and happiness while high quality standard pages are directly linked to future happiness, health and wealth of the users. Hence, higher importance is given to create useful pages under this term.
  2. High quality content is expected from E-A-T sources that is Expertise/Authoritativeness/Trustworthiness. It can be acquired through accreditation. For example, medical information must come from accredited or authorized medical personnel.
  3. Mobile pages are evaluated based on their optimization for mobile viewing and the satisfaction that they provide to the users about their search query.

These points stated by Google give perfect guidance to improve the usability of your mobile site and become an influencing factor in your niche. You can build your identity and authority as a subject matter expert in the industry; this will help in getting trust from your audiences.

Launching an influencer marketing campaign helps the brand to establish an online visibility. After establishing your online visibility you can build yourself as an Authority depending on different factors like site’s domain authority, its social proof, blog comments and more.


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