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Past decade has made Mobile phones a crucial part of our daily life. Imagining a day without this palm fitting device seems to be a nightmare not only for the tech-savy generation, but also, to the wiser, grey haired clique.

Taking one step ahead of using this portable device for making and receiving calls, the gen next modification  of this compact screen best known as “Smart Phone” sparked the rays of technological dawn. As the phone transformed itself with features, lot more than anyone expected, its adaptation of running computer generated functions modified the palm device into a mini computer system (more compact than a desktop and more handy than a laptop).With the users getting engaged through Internet services provided by their respective service providers, our world of social interaction and business has shrunk into this few inches of plastic case. As and when the dependability increased, various promotion plans got keyed down to generate revenue, making “Mobile Marketing” one of the crucial marketing aspect.

Starting from the basics, SMS (Short Message Service,) one of the elementary additions other than the incoming and outgoing facility, has become a strong source of revenue generation for most business franchises. Nailing the key advantage of SMS which is its quick readability (as fast as 4 minutes), SMS Marketing makes sure to reach the desired consumers with a short yet sensible message hoping to convert the reader into an actual customer. The format of this particular marketing technique consists of the marketer drafting the brand’s or product’s description  or scheme/offer along with his contact details and/or address for direct marketing in near future.

The second form of Mobile Marketing is ‘In-App Marketing’. With consequent increase in app modulation of mostly all of the websites and social networking portals, marketers shoot down their viewers with the help of links  that redirect the user to the advertising website. However, cross promotion also becomes a key ingredient of this marketing process, as marketers provide the link of their app that needs to be downloaded via another.

Picking up another source of ‘Mobile Marketing’ from the basket is QR Code Marketing which proves to be the latest offering in the marketing world. Generation of a 2D image which needs to be scanned through a Smart Phone redirects the user to the advertiser’s portal or website in no time. The instant capture technique crops down the burden of typing an particular URL or saving the URL for visiting the website back again. This however, proves to be the most unique and uncomplicated method for gaining traffic to the desired portal or website in this segment.

Some of the other marketing techniques like In-Game Marketing, Mobile Web Marketing, MMS (Multimedia Message Service) Marketing which clubs various techniques can be read in our future article. So stay tuned!


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