Reasons for the popularity of Multi-Channel Customer Communication Platforms


Embracing Multi Channel Strategy

The most important assets for any online business are their valuable visitors and customers. Whatever steps is taken eventually have an aim of satisfying the prospects and building trustworthy relationships. Most marketing efforts are bent towards conversions hence conversion rates and ROI metrics are of utmost importance.

Multichannel-communication-550x310Interactions with existing customers or new prospects play a vital role for offering help to the customers. ROI and conversion rates increases if the customers can reach you faster and can enjoy the live support.

Optimization of Online Communication channels

Global Businesses would mean availability of personnel for 24/7 in multiple languages and dealing with different cultural people. The very basis of multiple communication channels is to align oneself in doing what is needed. Small medium businesses at the very least can offer English support. Optimization of online communication channels would mean adding multiple apps on your website or within the app itself.

Opening multiple channels lets users interact with your company personnel through SMS, Voice, Facebook Messenger, Line, Whatsapp, etc. asking customers to fill a form or sending an email also works wonders.

Multichannel communications

Add Multiple Communication Channels

As Technology is moving at a rapid pace and evolving each day, companies are also adapting to new tools and implementation. The online businesses are thriving explicitly through Automation but human interaction is highly important while closing the deals. The top industrial players know this importance hence introduction of bots, virtual assistants, digital agents have come into picture. Businesses should add more channels while communicating with the users; different users may prefer different messaging tools. There are several platforms through which consumers can interact with businesses and the year 2017 have more consumers craving for multiple communication channel support.

Which Channels to choose?

Well, businesses should implement multiple communication channels but the hard question is which ones to select and how to know users choices. Businesses could decide this, going by their personal preferences through industrial statistics and popular app amongst the specific target audience. Recent report states that almost 78% of people wished they could text businesses. Forrester study states that 62% business owners felt they may fail to keep up if they do not implement social customer service technology in customer operations. Putting FB messenger apps makes sense with 1 billion worldwide users, even apps like Viber and WeChat are a good means to opt for since they have user base of 900 million.

Integrating Multiple Channels into a Single data feed

For Integrating Multiple Channels, it is highly important to make sure that website or App’s UX supports the multiple channel implementations in a graceful manner. The third party online widgets offers floating bubbles, drop down menus, etc. The multiple channel approach allows the prospects to send emails, SMS, Facebook messages and call the sales team. For the best optimized sales process you have to make sure that all communication events with each prospect are stored in unified data feed CRM.

Online Businesses need support for the following:

  • Integrate multiple communication channels
  • Managing the operations in a dashboard
  • Organize the costing and payments
  • Migrate the data in existing CRM

Multi-channel communication platforms

New platforms have emerged to allow businesses to follow “multi communication channels” strategy; they offer all-in-one comprehensive support as given below:

  • Single plugin for multiple communication apps that include Voice, SMS, Web Chat and other IM apps offering an open API.
  • Optimizing the load time that minimizes the multiple apps load on domains
  • Dashboard that helps manages the operation for back-office
  • API support integration that exists with 3rd party CRM systems

The above strategies help to forego conventional methods and ideas. It is important to follow the new technological trends well so you can interact with prospect through the right channels they are comfortable with.





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