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Videos are the next big boom that has entirely changed the way marketers ever marketed their businesses. People actually like watching video content than they do for textual content. Videos have gained good popularity with the onslaught of varied networks and social media at its brim. The fact of the matter is – Videos can give you more than expected results if done in the right manner. The Cisco report states that by 2019, online videos are slated to generate four-fifths of global Internet traffic. Given below are few of the tips and steps that will help you target your audience with how, where and why you should take Video marketing seriously.

Website Video Marketing

Almost 79% of consumers stated they will watch video about the product and 84% noted they will make a purchase after watching the video.

Getting results with SEO:

  • 97% businesses reported that their product video tutorials helped user understand the features of the product or their services.
  • 54% business reported that they saw reduced support calls by putting video tutorials for the users.


  • User-generated content can be used for making video content without investing on it. You can also offer users discounts or a gift in return for video review.

What to expect:

  • 80% increase in conversion after putting the video in the landing page.
  • Increased traffic to your website.

Question and Answer Platforms like Quora

Quora is one of the best platforms to imbibe video content that will help populate comments or discussions on the forums. Quora is ranked in the Top 500 by Alexa ranking.

Getting results:

Usually Q&A forums, like videos a lot and it is much appreciated. People genuinely prefer posting video answers, you can add a link to your website in the video and you will be astonished to see your traffic grow.


What to expect:

Significant increase in the generated traffic –

  • 100M unique monthly visitors on Quora
  • 15M users on Yahoo answers on a daily basis


The recent Conductor research states that 51% of people discover new websites through emails. Most email providers do not support videos in emails. The use of the word “Video” in the email subject line boosts open rates up to 19%, increased click through rates up to 65%. It has greatly reduced unsubscribe rate by 26%.

Getting results

These are the 3 powerful methods that can help using Video in the email

  • Taking the risk. Including the video in the body of email using html5. It will only be visible to iOS,, Apple Mail and Thunderbird users. Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook do not support the videos.
  • Creative Step. Make use of GIFs, it is the best option to use if you want your video to be displayed to all popular email clients. GIF images are better than the static images and it’s easy to convert to GIF making use of ImgFlip, GifLike or Gifsoup.
  • Classical Step. Add “PLAY” button to a static picture and send the user to your landing page where the video is embedded.

What to Expect

  • More backlinks, 41% increased sharing and forwarding of a content.
  • 24% increased conversion.


Social Media

Social Media is one of the most powerful means that has made video trends more popular. Technologies like Live 360 and VR have been tested there. According to 2016 reports, Facebook and Snapchat received 8 and 7 billion video views respectively on a daily basis. Instagram saw 5 million video uploads in the first 24 hours of availability of the function.

Getting results

It is highly important to react to new video trends and analyze the responses. The infographics are a great means to show the most liked trends followed by marketers.

What to Expect

Social Media show amazing results with 7 times more shares on Facebook and 6 times more retweet.


Tubular insights reports that, 68% of YouTube users made a purchase decision after watching the video. The review trend continues to show thrust for bloggers and advertisers alike. Google loves YouTube for the sheer reason people love videos and it is their own product. The videos appear in 20% rich snippets.

Getting results

  • Follow the YouTube Trend – Make use of Trends Map, Trends Dashboard, Trends blog
  • Search “Video keywords” the show YouTube results right on the first page of Google.

Examples: How to, Reviews, Tutorial, Sport related (Morning Yoga), Funny videos

  • Make use of the keywords in the filename, it is highly important to use keywords in the Title and Description. Use keywords in the first 25 words and repeat it throughout for 3-4 times.
  • Adding links to your website and profile description.
  • Engage in comments for active discussions, they are good signals for search engines.
  • Analyzing the video positions to check the ranking.

What to Expect

  • 50% Increased chances of appearing on first page
  • 41% high clickthrough rates compared to plain text.

Following are few things worth taking note of:

Mobile – During the 2012-2014 study, mobile video views rate increased by 400%. Almost 48% of Gen Y watch videos only on mobile devices. Hence, it is important to optimize the videos embedded on your pages

Speed – While adding videos to your site, you have to make sure that the load time doesn’t increase. There are higher chances of conversions with less loading time.

Tone Friendliness – 83% consumers reported to having found informal voice, more like a friend talking to them. This adds trust and a sense of connection to the communication.








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