Internet has grown exponentially worldwide. It has been observed that Online Communication & Online Commercials are grabbing the top most position in digital trends, as they are the easiest way to connect to the masses at good speed. But, with benefits, we also have to encounter it’s flaws.
The biggest threat encountered with rapid online communication is ‘Cyber Threat’. Organizations & individuals are worried about this growing threat not only for the financial loss it brings, but also because of the damage it causes to your privacy, creating a reputation problem.
This threat of ‘Cyber Crime’ is increasing day by day, targeting Citizens, Business, Organizations and most importantly your Reputation.

What is ‘Cyber Threat’?

Cyber Threat is a type of offensive maneuver undertaken by an individual or whole of organization that attacks Computer Information Systems, Infrastructure, Computer Networks and Personal Computer Devices by various means of malicious activities from an anonymous source that either steals, alters or destroys specified system by hacking into the system. Cyber Threat can be labeled as Cyber Campaign, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Terrorism & Cyber Attack.

Following reasons can contribute for the online risk for an individual:

  • Lack of internet knowledge
  • Carelessness while saving personal information
  • Unintentional exposure of or by others
  • Flaws in technology e.g. the services offered online
  • Criminal acts

Countermeasures against ‘Cyber Threat’:

Never disclose personal information on internet chat. Incase of concern, contact service provider in stopping Cyber Stalking Activities.

Always observe strong authentication while saving & accessing data for prevention of data leakage, especially while handling financial or electronic banking

One should always implement anti-spam filters in system.

Awareness on phishing attacks

Implementing DOS (Denial Of Service), DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Services) prevention system. These are an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users.

So make sure to keep yourself updated with Cyber Crime and take immediate action if required by contacting Cyber Crime Investigation Cell of Mumbai Police.

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