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The Branding Prophecies for the year 2017

The Branding Prophecies for the year 2017


The branding practices are going to main stream markets across B2B and B2C business models. Here are some of the Branding predictions by the experts:

  1. Howard Belk, Co-CEO (Chief Creative Officer) of Legacy Brands – The focus on process improvements will drive down the costs, thus introducing new mobile channels. The established brands will offer simple, transparent, easy utility approach that will surely enhance customer value proposition.
  2. Thom Wyatt, Managing Director – According to Thom, the US unemployment has led for intensified talent search. The company’s work role will help identify talents that become a person’s identity. Employees require diversified stats, purpose, value and social responsibility metrics to provide the cultural glue for a workforce.
  3. Leesa Wytock, Senior Director (Experience) – Leesa stresses the importance of shift to digital experiences focusing on empathy. The trend shifts from delivery platforms like AI, chat bots, VR experiences to more emotional and interactive impact. The brand employees will experience elevation of employee training, onboarding experience and varied manners in which they will be empowered to be the frontrunners for brands as the Brand Ambassadors.
  4. Brian Rafferty, Global Director (Business Analytics & Insights) – The emerging disruptive brands will move their focus from traditional processes to examine how they can evolve and grow their brand valuation. With the business price wars, the companies are targeting innovative approaches to capture loyalty.
  5. Christian Turner, Global Director (Naming) – According to Turner, as technology is rapidly moving and the global perception of having lost the human touch will keep driving  naming trend. The main question that will haunt brands is how human or how artificial we want our technologies to be?
  6. Maria Boos, Group Director (Simplification) – Maria shares her view on real time messaging platforms like Slack, these platforms will completely change the way we collaborate and share ideas. It will enhance greater collaboration amongst interdisciplinary groups and multiple locations. The use of Slack messaging platform will help reduce the dependency on email communications.
  7. Lauren Thebault, Director (Activation) – as the tools to branding keep becoming outdated, there is going to be growing importance for creating opportunities that will facilitate quick absorption of content through seamless engagement.

The Internet trends keep changing and thus the technologies. For a marketer, it is highly important to follow best practices for profitable business.


Why Use Pinterest For Branding?

Why Use Pinterest For Branding?


PINTEREST is the latest social media platform that has taken over most of the social media platforms. Since it’s launch, Pinterest has been used to share images across the Internet for a variety of reasons from entertainment value to advertising campaigns. Millions of users prefer this social media platform on a regular basis looking for images that peak their interest so that they may “repin” the images to share with their own followers. With more than 25 million visitors, Pinterest can be a great method to generate brand awareness for all big companies out there who are looking for visual branding.

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