Why Use Pinterest For Branding?


PINTEREST is the latest social media platform that has taken over most of the social media platforms. Since it’s launch, Pinterest has been used to share images across the Internet for a variety of reasons from entertainment value to advertising campaigns. Millions of users prefer this social media platform on a regular basis looking for images that peak their interest so that they may “repin” the images to share with their own followers. With more than 25 million visitors, Pinterest can be a great method to generate brand awareness for all big companies out there who are looking for visual branding.

How Pinterest is useful for Branding?

  1. Much like other Social Media sites, Pinterest is a free to use platform to share photographs and images. It proves great for advertising and to promote your business.
  2. One of the most appealing features of Pinterest is its ability to ‘Tweet & Like’ images you come across. This creates a vide exposure for your brand on various Social Media platforms.
  3. You can link your Pinterest profile with your website, which can prove beneficial for the people who are interested in finding information about services. This “LINK” feature proves helpful to generate traffic on your website. However, make sure the quality of images used is of higher resolution.

Also, make sure to create a combination of attractive images with appealing content that defines your brand. Pinterest lets brands deliver content in an easily shareable format that leads to increased visibility and higher traffic numbers.


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