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Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization


Before understanding the importance and impact of landing pages, it is essential to understand what it is and how it works. A landing page is a standalone page created especially for marketing or advertising purposes. A visitor lands up on this page after clicking on a Google Adwords ad or any other click bait. The landing pages are created with a single objective to get the user click the Call-To-Action (CTA). Many people confuse the landing page with the homepage. While homepage is the opening page of any website giving insight about the site containing a number of links, the landing page usually contains only one link (CTA) to take the user to another designated page. Adding a landing page to a website helps drive traffic and acquiring leads and advertises the expertise of the website.

Optimizing the landing page is a long and complicated process but it is extremely essential to Search Engine Optimization (SEM). If done wrong, landing page optimization could have adverse effects on the traffic of the website but a few pointers could boost quality score and incoming traffic like never before:

  • One main Call-To-Action (CTA)

The purpose of a landing page is to get the user to take action. A laser focused landing page with a single CTA button which caters to the expertise and domain of the website converts better. Using benefit-oriented CTA also goes a long way in appealing to users, e.g. using “Get Free Sample” in place of “Download” or “Add to Cart and save 20%” in place of “Buy Now” instantly attracts people and could boost in traffic and actions taken.

  • Benefit-Oriented headline

A recent study showed that benefit oriented headline increases conversion rate by 4.3%. Users are always drawn towards freebies and benefits. The positive effects of the products rubs on the consumers.

  • Understanding Customers

The landing page needs to be in-line with the motivation, needs, desires and frustrations of the customers. The design needs to be user-centric and eye-catching yet simple with only a single CTA.

  • Relevant Content

Content is probably the most crucial part of any page and is more relevant in the case of the landing page. After creating the content, one needs to assure if it successfully answers the relevant customer questions. What is the product about? Does the page provide necessary information? Will the user trust the webpage? Is the time-taking long enough to frustrate a new user? These are vital questions which make or break any website. A lot of websites design with place-holders like Lorem Ipsum in place of real copies and content. Creating the content should be a priority and the design should be in line with the content and not the other way around.

  • Design

The look and feel of the landing page is what attracts a new user in the first place. A visually attractive design which is pleasing on the eye helps get new traffic and marketing through word-of mouth.

Optimizing a landing page is a time taking process which requires a team effort including a graphic designer, content developer and the IT team. There are a number of potential bottlenecks which could disrupt the traffic of the website but if planned and executed right, landing page optimization could do wonders to your website and business.

Organic vs PPC: Top 7 Viewpoint from consumers

Organic vs PPC: Top 7 Viewpoint from consumers


Investing in Organic SEO needs a lot of justification in terms of time and money spent. The mutual fact internally known to consumers as well as marketers is that customers don’t trust ads, they believe in Organic search results that have more likeability of being clicked.

organic vs ppc1

Given below are some infographics from 1,000 respondents from a SEO survey that was recently done:

  • The search results are deeply concentrated on the type of queries asked put on a Google search.

informational query

  • The relevancy at which Organic search results are portrayed.

  • Consumers largely notice the ads trolling them on every network they get logged in.


  • Personalization plays a key role in defining how consumers think they get results through searches made on Google.

  • This is the behavior of the audience when they see organic result and a paid ad.

  • People reflect on the results they get through organic searches made.

Ranking is undoubtedly good for your business. A measly 28% of people feel organic results are more reputable than Ads so it clarifies that PPC ads are not that bad after all.


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