How Apparel retailers embrace new strategies, counting beyond just conversions


Apparel markets have seen a major shift in last one decade or so. The reason is rapid commercialization; retailers are growing beyond just four walls and leveraging the idea of online business reaching more audiences online. The advertising structure has completely changed keeping in mind the purchase intent and advertising methods. Newer marketing tools and technological developments have led to more competitive markets globally showing a good revolution across buying and selling industries.

Google often changes its search result type keeping in mind the user intent; this helps users to make searches in specific verticals. Search engine results page or SERP as is commonly known display videos or related articles based on users’ intent. Accordingly, apparel retailers need to optimize content based on SERP display of targeted keywords. Today, advertising and marketing go beyond the measure of simply looking at conversions. Apparel brands are looking forward to set goals and measure success in the way they interact and engage their customers. It has become highly important for brands to take into account newer marketing methods, ideas and measurements. Apparel industry as a whole has seen bigger competitive landscape with shifting search trends. The massive change have led to more online conversions by including latest digital methods and devices, it tremendously helps to improve on User Engagement that goes beyond simple purchasing power.

Significance of Brand voice

Brands must purportedly engage its audience by providing them with personalized content. This helps brands to understand their users and create a content strategy that well aligns with SEO and social media goals.

Brands relevant tone and message should align with their organizational objectives and they should use key insights from audience data and purchase data to appeal to people. Seasonal announcements help to engage with audience by offering them relevant product offers. Take the case of Nordstrom, the company crafts content around important events and seasons. Their content often revolves around events like wedding seasons, prom, swimwear, seasonal work attire, etc. the below example shows how Nordstrom formats its content putting user intent in mind. While searching for “wedding guest” query, Google knows the user intent hence it can derive that the user is basically looking to wear something for a wedding.


Nordstrom have remarkably engaged its audience with creative marketing strategy. Nordstrom is equally leading on Facebook pages for discussions that are relevant to new wedding looks and work attire. The brand have clear objectives that are simple and sleek through images, post the copies and links that provide better engagement and visibility amongst the users. Through this type of marketing it will lead to better engagement through word of mouth and increasing the conversions.


The main marketing key lies in knowing what customer wants to interact with, hence content message should be written keeping the purchase intent in mind along with marketing strategy. Another very good example of an online male apparel brand is Chubbies. It’s a niche brand selling men trunk and shorts, they have created a distinct and very clear marketing message across all digital channels as a unified brand image.

Finding your Influence

Influencer marketing is one of the most upcoming forms of marketing because today people trust “people” more than any brand advertisements. Influencer marketing campaign helps to expose your brand to newer audiences that will be more excited about your product brand. For example, take the case of BlackMilk Clothing; the influencer often shares her favorite items on social circles and answer user questions that help to spread the brand awareness.


Inluencer marketing does not only relate to social media, it also takes into account other activities and platforms that influencers use. Many influencers run their blogs that has massive following hence when an influencer belonging to your industry or product niche feature your product in their blog, it can have direct impact on the visibility of your brand in SERPs. Brands must consistenly try to shift their communication to potential customers to push through all mediums, for web properties belonging to them or that of influencers. The culmination of different media can help bring a bigger outcome and help brand work towards a specific goal like increasing the engagement and expand the reach and visibility.

Product Listing Ads

Today brands are going beyond what was just ordinary, along with Facebook ads and traditional search ads they are recognizing the power of Shopping Ads. These are basically Product Listing Ads (PLAs), appearing on the top of Google mobile search results having visual impact. The ads shows to user a photo of product complimenting with color, size, store name, price, etc. more details can be added through ad extensions.

Benefits of using Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads can provide long lasting benefits for your business profile, it helps:

  1. To promote inventory and enhance in-store traffic
  2. To Nurturing the leads who are looking to buy the product

It is highly important for brands especially apparel brands to evolve themselves out of traditional strategies and market their efforts towards latest digital tactics. Different marketing efforts like content strategies, influencer marketing, facebook ads, shopping ads and other types of ads help to stay on par with competition.


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