‘Social Media’ – A Child’s Play!


The changing trends and atmosphere looks to have affected the human habits on a wide scale. With youths, adults are also tasting the social cream rigorously. Recent study showcased 59% of children have already started using social network by the time they are 10. Adding to it, around 43% have messaged strangers online by the age of 12 finds the study.

With over a bucket full of social networking platforms, where Facebook is considered as the most prominent and likely to have incorporated under age members breaching its minimum age of 13, with 52% of 8 to 16 year old, admitting they had ignored the official age limit.

Adding burden upon the parents worried about their child’s adolescence getting lost behind the LCD screens, Mobile Socializing apps like WhatsApp, Hike & Viber drove their sleep away. With members legally restricted to be at least 16 years of age, yet 40% of the user are to be questioned for a clearance.

With lots of competitors fighting the battle, a old master named BBM (Black Berry Messenger) allegedly can be called the founder of mobile socializing. With creating the unique service, the cell phone giant too strengthen the usage norms that consisted of 13 as minimal age mandatory for using the service. But, as we say ‘rules are meant to be broken’ the old wine got a taste of its own when about 24% ignored the policies to become a member.

Taking a revolutionary step in the league, SnapChat walked in with an unique image capturing technique that allowed the users to click a picture and share the emotions to their loved ones. Here also the photo messaging service tried to restrict the users with minimum age policy of 13, but the sign up procedure does not demand any clearance age, allowing minors a monitor-free access.

Over all the reported survey discloses a child’s social tendency to be developed right from age nine and over the years the internet socializing turns into a habit that could be trap for their adolescence to be hampered severely


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