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Top Skills required for B2B Tech Marketers

Top Skills required for B2B Tech Marketers


People management is one of the most important skills required by B2B marketers. The ability to have a good communication is another prominent and an important skill in the field states recent research from Spiceworks. The research data was done with a survey of 359 B2B technology industry marketers living in North America and Europe. The researchers categorized respondents in to three generations: Millennials that are born between 1981 and 1997, Generation X that are born from 1965 to 1980 and Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964. Around 82% of respondents state that soft skills are extremely important for B2B tech marketers. Other skills like writing ranks the second standing at 80%, content marketing skills stands at 78%, digital media skills stand at 77%, data analysis skills stand at 77% and email marketing skills stand at 65%.

Most Important

B2B Technology marketers state that they have advanced writing and soft skills. Over 46% of B2B technology marketers state that their content marketing skills are advanced and 38% say their digital media skills are advanced. The marketers feel that it is very important to stay on the top of the writing game. This is the main reason why Marketing Writing Bootcamp consists of 13 classes that are tailor-made for the one who tasks with.

Most Advanced

The research states that millennials are less confident as compared to older generations when it comes to their writing and softskills. The millennials are more confident when it comes to social media skills. Most respondents are looking to change the jobs in the next one year. The research study states that the main hope for the job switch is with the hope to advance their marketing skills.

Top Reasons

The research was based on the report from data that surveyed 359 B2B technology industry marketers who live in North America and Europe.

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