Top Google Adwords Conversion Rate chart


The chart gives information on conversion rates in AdWords from AdWords management platform – Wordstream. If you are looking for paid search marketing, this chart will surely give you an idea of the conversion rates while making a business strategy. The different tests show you the rates that are very specific to the markets, the type of the keywords and the proposition.

average-conversion-rates-2016-adwords-550x699The above chart is published by Wordstream. The report is based on the US based Wordstream client accounts in different verticals; the total research was conducted with a sample of 2,367 clients. The different verticals represented a total of $34.4 million in the total Adwords Spend that were advertising on Google Adwords Search and Display networks in the Q2 2015. The different sectors covered includes Auto, Advocacy, B2B, Consumer Services, E-Commerce, Finance and Insurance, Employment services, Education, Dating and Personals, Health and Medical, Industrial services, Home Goods, Real Estate, Legal, Travel & Hospitality, Technology.

Conversion Averages for previous AdWords conversion rate data

All the results are true averages, the summary of previous recordings is stated below:

  1. Average conversion rate for search network in Q3 2012 was 5.63%
  2. Average conversion rate from display network in Q3 2012 was 4.68%
  3. Travel Industry had the lowest conversion rates
  4. Internet/Telecoms have highest conversion rates for search and display
  5. Display networks generate 5 times the volume of impressions but only 1/5 of the clicks compared to search network.
  6. According to Wordstream, it suggested an average of 2% to 5% paid search clickthrough rates for competitive industries and 5% click through rate for non-competitive industries slotting for top positions.



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