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Brand Personality influences Consumer Purchase Decisions

Brand Personality influences Consumer Purchase Decisions


Brand Personality plays a vital role in influencing customer’s decision to purchase the products online. Social media has entered every vein where marketing strategies move and they are increasingly visible. With the competition ever so expanding, it is highly important to create a positive brand personality online; consumers are spending 30% of their time on social media. Firstly, brands need to ask the questions where to raise the brand awareness and how to resolve customer service issues. Given below are few of the reasons why to use social media marketing:

  1. To raise the brand awareness and company’s reputation
  2. Resolving customer service issues
  3. Improving organic search ranking and driving traffic to the site
  4. Engaging with customers and feedback

Consumers are looking for honesty in dealings and brands are upfront trying to give out the best especially with the growing competition. The study by Sprout Social (Q2 2017) says that customers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality that is to 86% on political or sneaky comments.

72% of the surveyed people stated that they are more likely to make a purchase from the brand if they like social media content. Consumers are openly looking forward for the brands that are friendly and give them some kind of engagement. It helps built customer morale and helps increase the brand reputation and influence the purchase decisions. Brands need to be friendly and approachable to have more followers. They should not try stopping much resistance and political correctness. It is only going to put off from people buying the product online.

Branding Behavior

Branding behavior are important elements when it comes to social playing cards. Consumers are looking for honesty and friendliness of the brands on social media. Brands can show customers video and engaging clip that will help them to look forward to brands products. Almost 80% of the surveyed people stated that they prefer brands that respond to their queries and engage them in jovial conversations rather than having competitive tonality. Brands are strongly advised to stay off from political commentary, they are domicile in nature and your product would be lying at one side of the room. Hence, best idea to make your product stand out and you making yourself as a brand ambassador by being unique.

How the research helps?

Customers are very smart people; they can easily trace the fine line between what is cool and what sounds annoying to them. Out of the survey, 51% of Internet users said that would instantly unfollow a brand, if the brand sounds irritating to them and only a 26% will ignore it.

Brands have to figure out what image they should cultivate in front of the customers so that the brand should not unfollow them. Social Media Marketing is an important marketing plan to your customers as much as it is to you as a brand.

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