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Natural Language Processing: Right path towards E-Commerce Conversions

Natural Language Processing: Right path towards E-Commerce Conversions


Today, Ecommerce is growing at faster pace than ever thought of. Marketers are ever so wandering to tune into what is latest and introduce them into the world to selling. Smarter tools like Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, IoT are there to furnish everything automated and quicker than what Humans can do. Natural language processing commonly known by the term NLP is a component of AI that helps computer programs to understand human speech and then function accordingly.

Bigger commercial portals are already on the brink of utilizing NLP on their websites and apps. NLP is a meaning based search that allows shoppers to search products in their own language and getting relevant results. Given below are the best means to apply NLP in Ecommerce.

Tips to apply NLP in Ecommerce:

Product Description

Awareness of the product means looking at the actual term and identify with the primary item and the descriptions that have secondary importance. NLP recognize the words in the primary data. When an item is searched, it checks for perfect name and doesn’t take into account the terms that do not match even if it means item having more adjectives.

After the primary product is recognized, NLP applies machine learning to understand the description that is important elements to seek individual items.

Linguistic Nuances

NLP in ecommerce site – searches and recognizes similar terms based on the choices of an individual. Shoppers may be searching for one item with different terms. NLP should have the capability to identify that these are one item only that give same results regardless of the terms used.

NLP is a powerful tool that should also help identify the synonyms; it should even let go off the dissimilarity in the spellings. Consumers are really annoyed when they do not get the item they are looking by putting a search term especially when they know that the item is present in their list. Most commerce site cannot really afford to miss out on potential conversions. Hence, NLP should be geared up to correctly predict what the user might be looking for.

NLP Personalization

Most organizations today are combining NLP with personalization approach and this is proving to get bigger benefits. Customer expect customization at every step of their shopping journey, they had prefer a physical store than virtual since they get personalized attention. Online searches also offer the same benefit but nothing befits the satisfaction of touching and feeling the product and then buying it.

Brands prepare customization based on the user preferences that are previously seen in their shopping. The main aim here is to give great shopping experience to the users.

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