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Top preferred Social Media marketing Tools

Top preferred Social Media marketing Tools


Marketing is of prime importance when it comes to selling your products online and social media tools come handy to make your work easier. Conventionally, there has been lot of ifs and buts for marketing field but at the end of the day what counts are the efforts that you put in marketing activity of the brand. Manual settings for marketing are long gone; today brands are much more keener and being much friendlier by knowing their customers and making them happily satisfied with the products or services.

The social media management tools are crafted in a manner to automate the marketing processes to reach maximum audiences. Social Media management means choosing the right strategy and the right approach in reaching the brand goals. Marketing requires a lot of time and efforts so it is not always easy for marketers to shoot emails or schedule the meetings or put up social posts. This work gets done through platform management tools that make your task easier. The tools help you with options to publish as and when required. Marketers can save a lot of time and efforts with the marketing tools. Given below are some of the tools that help making your processes easier:

Social Media Management tools



Flow is a market tool by Driftrock useful for audience targeting. The key functions of these tools are Lifecycle social advertising. It can easily be integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Dotmailer, Intercom, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Webhooks, Salesforce Pardot, and Custom CRMs. Flow helps to gather customer data that helps to retarget the existing customers. The tool helps to find new customers having same elements as the current customer base.


Social Bakers

Social Bakers is a social media analytical platform that helps integrating just any social media app, the key function of this tool is scheduling the social posts. The app helps to analyze the performance across different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. they offer customizable dashboards and flexibility user rights management that allows for internal and agencies to collaborate.



Agorapulse is used for scheduling social posts; it is integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. It’s a social media management suite of tools that helps to manage the social media messages. The inbox feature in the tools helps to see the items remaining and who is working on each of these items. It also helps in providing comprehensive reports.

Through the use of Agorapulse, you can tie all your social accounts into one, it helps to schedule, publish the posts and tracking all your social activity.



The key function of Sproutsocial helps for scheduling social posts and also helps in audience retargeting. It can be integrated with popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Sproutsocial is a social media management platform that includes a smart inbox, advanced scheduling, social CRM, analytics and reports and team collaboration tools. It is one of the best options for smaller businesses. The best feature of this tool is the “listen” option; it listens to popular terms and Hashtags on different social networks to help you stay on the top of trends.



The main function of Postplanner is to schedule curated content plus Industry news. It can be easily integrated with Twitter, Facebook Blog (RSS Feed) and Pinterest. The tool makes use of custom algorithms that helps to review past performance on the feeds that are available through different social integrations. The tool also helps for re-sharing the popular content on social platforms.



The main function of Buffer is to schedule the social posts, it can be integrated with common platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Blogs for RSS feeds.

Buffer is usually used to drive traffic and to increase the fan engagement and also save the time monitoring social media. The tool helps to reach out to your audiences at the right time, you can schedule your content and increase the reach of your audience. The tools are made to sync with a number of social platforms.


Hootsuite is useful for scheduling social posts, and is one of the powerful tools that integrate with 35 popular social networks. It helps to gather the data into a single dashboard where the tools can be found to help manage several social profiles and schedule the most effective social content. The other impressive feature it offers is the robust message approval and permissions. It gives the capability to help protect the brand and reputation while increasing other profile protections. This tool helps to guard against hackers and other threats.



CoSchedule helps in managing the content and scheduling your social posts. It works integrated with different tools like WordPress, Google analytics, Bitly, Google Drive, Evernote Google Calender, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook (profiles, pages and groups), Instagram and Google+ pages.

CoSchedule is used for managing WordPress posts and helps promote the online content. It gives the ability to drag and drop social messages on different days and it also allows the platform to pick the right times.

Influencer Research Tools

Influencer marketing is making wonders to brands because it allows publicizing your business with huge exposure. The best to identify influencers in your industry is to take that opportunity and reach out to create relationships. The platforms make it easier.



TapInfluence is used for managing the content and expanding the influencer outreach. It can easily be integrated with Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. TapInfluence is an opt-in marketplace of content creators and influencers having 8 years of real life program data. It helps to discover perfect influencer for your business. It helps to build a marketing program for delivering fresh content. The tool helps to offer greater analytics having multi-channel tracking on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.



Traacker is a platform for Influencer Relationship Management (IRM); it is a system for managing, scaling and expanding the global influencer marketing. It features team collaboration features and conversation tracking. It is an all-in-one tool that helps to expand the business network; it helps you land the best influencer for your brand. It is a great place to get information on Influencer marketing; the system has a lot of solid content.



The main function of this tool is Content Ideation, its an influencer outreach. It consists of integrations like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pocket, Buffer and different standard APIs. The tool helps to identify trending news and content, getting content insights and website analyses, it also helps to identify influencers. Big brands using the tool are Expedia, Yahoo, Capital One, IBM, Ogilvy and Vimeo.

Social Sweepstakes/Contest Tools



Wishpond is a Social media content management tool; it includes 10 Facebook contest apps that make it easy to create engaging competitions. The competitions like sweepstakes, Instagram Hashtag contests, essay contest, photo contents can all be covered under Wishpond. Wishpond is a tool that helps to integrate easily with other many CRM solutions, webinar apps, email marketing apps, survey apps, team chat apps and more.



Shortstack is a Social media contest management tool; it integrates platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It helps to collect the leads, boosts contest engagement and helps to drive the sales from the landing pages, forms and contests. Shortstack integrates into a number of platforms like YouTube, AWeber, MailChimp, Constant Contact and Google Maps.



Woobox is a social media contest management tools that is integrated with Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It’s a very powerful tool; you can custom design the coupons, photos, instant wins, videos, hashtag contests and more. If you know which campaign works best for your audience than you can manage this tool very easily.

Social Image Apps and Tools



Canva is a standalone tool with social friendly image creation; it’s a free tool that can be used on a daily basis. It is one of the best tools for creating social friendly images in friendly sizes. There are lots of upsells that are available in the app, you can upload your image.


Promo is a light social friendly video creation tools, it’s a standalone tool and is one of the best places to get started. By making use of this tool, you can promote your sales by making a product teaser; you get a high quality video content that is searchable within the platform. You can edit the copy and also add the music.



Sprout Social is a light automatic image resizing tool that is used for social; it’s a standalone tool and is available for free. The tool has a plenty of options on offer that will make your tasks simpler and easier. The reports you get from the tool should be properly reviewed and accordingly you can take actions.

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