4 Effective Customer Engagement strategies


Customer Engagement becomes of significant importance to create selling opportunities. Marketing is simply a way of connecting to consumers; however, more relevance goes into building that relation with consumers that is long standing. Sometimes, customers are not really happy with the manner in which brands interact with them. Brands make biggest mistake by annoying their customers beyond the limit, customers often complain of bombarding emails, following them on every social networks and text messages, etc. given below are top strategies to create Customer Engagement in a most fruitful manner:

  1. Precise time EngagementCustomer Engagement is undoubtedly a powerful means to build relation with them but it is even more important how you build upon that relation. Some contents are ever so green so they are readily invited by users and some content only matters if there is some specific event attached to it.
    It is highly important to understand the behavior of the consumer, if the content is sent on time and doesn’t resolve a customer issue it’s not going to make any sense. Similarly, a seasonal content not sent on right moment, would not make any sense to consumer reading at much later time. Triggered email marketing helps to understand behaviors of consumers and send time bound and relevant content to your audience.
  2. Customer PrioritizationCustomers are the market king and one of the most important assets for any organization. So they should be held on top priority, it becomes especially important for engaging your customers. A customer-centric company would do anything possible to gain customer trust and loyalty.Most organizations today have general customer handling departments that help to analyze behavioral data, email activity, website logins, customer habits, priorities, etc. Certain myths surrounding customer needs are well portrayed in the chart below:

    Data collected with a customer visiting your website gives a lot of information about customer choices. If they like a specific ornament, brands can send relative image of the same ornament with discounted offer. This is definitely going to bring a lot of value to your brand.

  3. Conveying messages differently and not overloadingImagine the feeling one gets with same throbbing email every time, a customer makes a purchase or getting similar response to a query. This can get really frightening as your customer may find it annoying. As Susanna Tarrant, Digital Marketing Coordinator for Marketing Copilot rightly puts up, “Rather than trying to close the deal too early, you should create content filled with information for your audience. A useful content marketing strategy changes the conversation. It makes it about your customer and not about you or the sale.”Educating your consumer is of high value; too much of text content may send negative signal and push away users from the website. Visitors on your website are looking for critical information hence it is best regarded to give them a clutter-free layout with easy browsing options.


    If the brands have a very important message to be conveyed, it is important to give instant value to the users. The above image clearly gives customer a solution for specific problem. Customers get engaged when we highlight important points they may want to use.

  4. Avoiding Awkward situations

    A great customer relationship is formed when all hurdles are bypassed so brands should particularly be very alert when it comes to maintaining transparent relations and dealings. Customers become loyal when they find value in the brand. Customers do like surprises but that would be in the form of rewards and not hidden fees and expenses. So brands should not do something that will create barrier to upholding a good relationship.

    Customers should be aware of all billing details before the checkout happens, there should be no unpleasant surprises waiting for them. To improve customer experience, the best idea is to follow good marketing habits. Customer Engagement will grow with creating brand value and awareness through genuine and transparent dealings.


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