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Grow your Search traffic by adding JSON-LD

Grow your Search traffic by adding JSON-LD

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If there is one objective that every Ecommerce has in common is the search for Organic traffic on their websites. Although, there are many limiting factors with search engines, the choices to get Organic Traffic are vast. Search engines often face the problem of analyzing huge quantities of HTML data that is complex and non-standardized. Search engines extract data and present it to the users for the queries they ask in the search box. They do it with the help of Structured data, one may wonder how structured data helps for search engines to recognize and analyze the query.

Structured data is the information about a web page that helps search engines to understand the contents of the page. Search engines do not have to parse entire HTML document, they can analyze the page through structured data. Let us understand the Role of JSON-LD in getting Organic search traffic:

What is JSON-LD?

Google highly recommends making use of structured data in all of the sites and JSON-LD is one format of the structured data. The biggest benefit of using JSON-LD amongst other type of structured data is that it doesn’t have to be interspaced within HTML coding. As compared to this, other formats require you to change HTML, add the elements and attributes to show where each part is located in the page. Sometimes it is difficult to detect any errors due to which it may affect the search results. With JSON-LD, the code is embedded in HTML that acts as a block to JSON data. This doesn’t affect how HTML looks and is invisible to regular users.

How to Add JSON-LD

JSON is a popular data format and JSON-LD is based on it that many developers create or update it. Developers’ find using JSON-LD easy if they have already worked with other structured data formats like microformats or RDFs. Other benefits of using JSON-LD is, that it works with stores having dynamic backend that helps to create web pages. JSON-LD is the data that is separated from the actual page. The stores using dynamic data are able to easily create a template for JSON-LD; they can then re-use it across all product pages.


A person not having technical background is easily able to check the details of the product page details like the name, description, brand, image, url, sku, condition, etc. Other things that can be checked about the offer are price, condition, currency, availability, etc.

Easy Updating

All the data combined together help the search engines understand the product for sale. Some data are duplicated in both the product and offer section. JSON-LD format allows listing the details of the product page. Try to give as much data as possible to the search engines when you set-up JSON-LD, they can use it for search results.

Include Core Data

Core product data is highly important to include in your product JSON-LD. Product element terms like name, description, itemcondition, availability, price, pricecurrency, aggregaterating, offers, etc are used to provide for organic listings. Adding JSON-LD helps search engines to parse the products and offers available on your online store. They greatly help to increase organic search traffic.

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