The Rise of the Digital Experience Platform


Most consumers today are digitally inclined getting served exactly what they are looking for. There is emergency of multiple digital touchpoints allows consumers to check the product on one device, and buy it from the other and still give reviews on another. Brands are giving umpteenth liberty to consumers to reach out to them however and wherever they want. The interactions are usually experienced through the texting mode, phone apps, social media that leads to business growth and profitability. Companies are optimizing consumer digital experiences to enhance brand reputation in the longer run.

Industrial analysts are able to see resurgence of projects and investments with flexible technologies reliably demonstrating abilities that helps to generate sales, improve loyalty, save money and solve customer service problems. The most wanted out of them all are the integrated digital experience strategies.

Most often than not companies make the mistake of overinvestments in features and underinvesting in integration. The new channels coming up with architectural strategy will continuously keep testing. The new touch points have regular problems because they are hard-wired. Custom integrations make the accommodation a little difficult with new channels.

Flexible Integration strategy and execution plan serves as cornerstones for digital experience platforms. Integration is not the term that is usually used by marketing or digital experience leaders. The stakeholders are anyway aware of the pain points preventing teams from working across the aisle. Architectural strategies are the key selection factors while choosing the technology components for your Digital experience platforms.

Important Integration questions one should usually ask are: are the systems that I am using for CMS modular? Can I extend legacy systems by using reusable services and APIs? Is the solution truly best of breed? Could there be deployment alongside existing systems? A flexible integration strategy is need by any medium of organization. Without such integrated strategy approach it is either going to be left hanging or be completely implemented.


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