Top 10 reasons why you need a Digital Marketing Strategy


Digital Marketing is pretty much a broader term today especially with new innovations happening. There are always some additions that gets implemented that it gets difficult to keep pace with. A perfectly planned Digital marketing Strategy can really help you hit the mark. If you are still wondering, you need to have digital marketing strategy for your business then here is a two-step plan: a. Start planning for digital marketing plan that defines the transformation that is really needed that will help make changes to your digital marketing. b. after getting the approval, start creating integrated digital plan that is part of the bigger marketing plan.


Here are some of the top reasons why you need a Digital Channel Strategy for your business:

  1. You need a right direction – most companies are unaware of their strategic goals and what they want to achieve in terms of gaining new customers or re-create the bond. With digital strategy not in place, there would be no goals and organizations wouldn’t know how to achieve those goals.
  2. You lack your online market vision – Studying online markets are important, it shows the customer demand. Markets are dynamic hence they are different from traditional channels having different types of customer profiles and behavior competitors.
  3. Competitors may gain market share – Digital marketing strategy requires dedicated efforts and resources. If your company does not have clearly defined goals then competitors may eat the market share.
  4. Value proposition – A clearly defined digital marketing strategy will help you differentiate your online services that will encourage existing and new customer to engage and stay loyal.
  5. Knowing your customers well – With digital marketing strategy you also learn newer tools like Google analytics and understand the volumes of visits that happen.
  6. Need for Integrated approach – Marketing requires an integrated approach that fulfills all criteria. A digital marketing strategy will help combine all resources and package a good marketing plan that is effective.
  7. Scarce resources – Digital marketing with insufficient resources will be used for planning and execution of e-marketing plans. An absence of strategy will also lead to lack of specific specialist e-marketing skills.
  8. Chances of duplication – A digital marketing strategy help to systematically implement the new processes. In absence of strategy, there may be chances of duplication meaning different organization may purchase different tools for doing similar online marketing tasks.
  9. Staying up responsive – A digital marketing strategy helps for keeping dynamic nature of organization that helps to catch up with new approaches.
  10. Optimization – All companies have website analytics and individual do not review them to act upon it. With digital strategy, it helps to get down to basics and lead the path towards continuous improvement.





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