Points that Ecommerce Developers secretly confess


Prime importance is given to Ecommerce developers and actually they really are worth it. Every piece of art, we mean coding that they do is important hence we do value their skills. But, talking to few of them recently I stumbled upon a rock bottom secret. Not every developer is happy with their coding, sometimes they expect to code something and it showed something better and sometimes vice-versa kind of stories. Usually developers have standard processes and they follow techniques that help them do their jobs well. There are some whimsical ways too that they work in, some like quite places while some can code while they are in a musical. The ultimate aim is to get working what is needed.

Perfection! A possibility?

Perfection is just a word per se, we may believe but it really is. I must state that developers are pretty much-obsessed people. The very character of them nudging and queuing every portion of their program shows how important coding to them is. It often happens that developer may develop some piece and it is not at all similar to what the client suggested. This is a very frequent phenomenon. Somehow, it becomes difficult to do software building that is needed by some other person. The causes are sometimes unknown, but two common reasons are communication gap and not having resources.

The gaps occur when there is not enough information available or the data is not supportive, it is flawed in nature. Lack of resources is another forefront reasons, we may have much of time, money and people but some things are just lagging. The time is of course limited and some features simply do not work. Hence, developers often feel that perfection is impossible.

Time Constraints

This is the most common reason for all of us and coincidently with the developers too. No matter how much time we have it on hand; there is always a time scarcity, a resource that is so valuable. As one gets closer to the deadline, a particular feature is rushed upon, the development portion becomes difficult, and budget is uncontrollable, sudden bugs come up, change in feature request by client often leads to elongated gaps.

There are several of these scenarios that may let one think that there is severe lack of time. Every scene has different issues and hence it all can be solved in different ways. It is always a good idea to showcase and tell clients the feature that would go good with the said request.

Surprising Code acceptance

Sometimes, the reasonable happens with the unreasonable. And this is so common with developers. Often we encounter our own flaws and we know somewhere within what will work and what would not work and still it worked. This can show a very good surprise for the developer but can equally lead to negative impact too.

This phase often comes with reporting the bug. The client may report a bug that is fixed by someone and so developer would never know what was the actual program and treats it as a bad bug report. So best idea here is to do the testing for some extra time and clarify what is the problem and where is the problem. There are no successful systems that haven’t had any bugs; the most successful company processes may have bugs. So it is perfectly normal to have bugs.


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