“Social Media”- A Must on your Travel Pack List!


Travelling out for a vacation, a business trip, event or simply anything that’s dragging you out on the roads for a ride! A huge list of to do’s awaits you ahead. You start packing your bags, book your tickets, choose your accommodation, and collect all info about the place you are flying to. But, one thing that skips your mind is carrying your “Social Media” on the tour.

You must me thinking, “Social Media… but why?” Don’t bother yourself,because the answer is right here. Social media is not just a medium to stay connected with your loved ones;it’s a total solution to all the confusions humming your head right from the beginning of the trip.Your social media can act as an ADVISOR in the initial stages of your travel. It can take you on a virtual tour which will help you get a brief description of the destination where you’re about to land. There are several travel experts who are active on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and so on;and your simple status or tweet asking information about your desired destination can get you a solution from these experts.

Secondly, your access to social media can turn your social media platform to be your TRAVEL AGENT that works solely for your benefit.It can also grab you some interesting deals on your travel and accommodation. With numerous travel portals alive on social media platforms eyeing consumers, one can avail humongous discounts, free vouchers and offers that could help to cut off his/her budget burden.

The third benefit of having social media on your tour is that you can change your identity from that of a traveller to an EXPLORER, gaining you popularity among your friends and followers.With thousands of snaps around dozens of places, social media is an easy way to retain and relive your memories. Adding your pictures to a labelled album along with a description will make you cherish these moments many years later. Check-ins and posting pictures on ‘Instagram’ or ‘Foursquare’ will take your friends on a virtual tour and will allow them to rejoice the beautiful moments experienced by you.

The fourth, but the biggest advantage of carrying your Social Networking handy is that it turns out to be a big money saverduring your travel. “How can that happen?” is the first thing that you may have thought of while reading this, but you don’t have to starch your head more, because we will simplify your doubts. When on a travel trip, the highest expenditure is not on your food, shoppingor sightseeing; but it is on the calls you make back home. With long route call rates turning you upside down to an empty pocket, social media is the best of all MESSENGERSway back home!Reliving you from calling up several people separately, social media helps you keep them updated through a simple status update of Facebook or a personal/group message on the same, keeping you in touch with your loved ones. Your replies or re-tweets to their comments/tweets can assure your trip to be quite exciting and interesting. This also can help you get out of that home-sickness feeling!

Although the above gives you a back-up solution for your leisure, social media reveals to be equivalently useful to manage your business when you are not around. These platforms keep you in constant touch with your clients and colleagues, assuring that your trip does not hamper your work when you are missing from your desk. Whether you are in a hotel room, on the road, your social networking keeps you in loop with your work.

Jotting down some easily applicable usage of social media, the networking platform proves to be the most cost effective and user friendly medium of communication among your circles, anywhere around the globe. So now that you are aware of some tips and tricks of social media, we consider you won’t hesitate from turning your foot back home, packing your bags and flying to your favourite destination – a journey that begins with just a click!


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