Social Media – The Next Big Thing!


Marketing in India had always been an expensive affair, taking appointments, going to newspaper agencies, explaining them out, paying them a hefty amount so that your ad should be seen by maximum number of people. Moreover, after all this efforts, you won’t even be able to know the effectiveness of your ads or the conversions made by your ads.

We do not deny the fact that in earlier days newspaper was the major source of posting ads and hoping that someone somewhere reads it and finds his way through to your ‘swanky’ big showroom and buys your product. After all it has always been about money, that’s what we do business for!

After Facebook had its breakthrough in the India, it practically changed the means of marketing in India. Facebook was just the start; it encouraged other people to target the Indian population because they saw the potential it had in India. Then there was no stopping; the social media became the compulsory thing for all the marketers, as the world was online.

Marketing on social media made everything very easy and cost effective. You just have to login to your Facebook account, create a business page and start posting whatever you want to convey to your targeted audience “Free of cost”. The best thing about social media marketing was that you could actually see how many people saw your post, liked it and which part of India or in which state or sub locality has maximum customers or fans who appreciate your product/brand.

The analysis or insights about your page helped the companies to know where they were going wrong and are there any additional efforts required to get the desired results. Marketers were now able to target the potential customers, and track their conversion rate that could actually find out the exact problem in their approach and find a solution for it.

Marketing through Facebook and other social platforms has become a place where the buyers would be able to interact with the sellers and provide them with their valuable feedback that can help the organization to improve the products, know what exactly the customer wants, and put their efforts on that particular issue.

The main aim of any marketer should be maximum engagement from the people who have liked the pages. If the people are active on your page, this shows that your page is being liked by the people and they are looking forward to convert from a Facebook user to a customer of your organization.

We at Binary, understand the organizational need to create solid Social Media Marketing Platform and put in regular efforts to convert people into customers. We believe that people online are potential customers, and we make sure that the right customer connects or meets his desired buyer, bridging the gap between them.

If you have the fire in you, the passion to make your business a great success, then we are here to help you with it. True passion for your work is the key to a successful business and we have implemented the same with us. Come join us and see your business rise to the sky, but don’t worry we won’t tell you to pay some hefty fee, we will just demand what is reasonable to you and enough to make your business big.


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