Top Digital Marketing Trends for the new era


Today, there are several techniques that are used in Digital Marketing world to market your products and services. Let’s look at some of the Digital Marketing Trends that are fast catching up:

  1. The Big Data Marketing applications give a predictive analysis into the customer insights. This is the trend that is followed by many people globally because they have experienced increase in the volume of sales, data formats and the real time data.
  2. Marketing Automation includes the use of tools like behavioral email marketing, CRM and the web personalization.
  3. Mobile Marketing is fast catching up with the brands with increase in the use of mobile app and mobile advertising. Companies are providing an adaptive mobile design that helps to reduce the load time and provide contextual content and CTAs for the users.
  4. Social Media marketing is a growing field where CRM and social customer care plays a vital role. The huge audience engagement happens with the efforts put by social networking sites to increase their popularity.
  5. Internet marketing applications has fast caught up in the recent years targeting different market segments. According to the research, there are going to be over 75 billion connected devices by the year 2020.
  6. The Internet has seen huge increase in AMP smartphone traffic since the time Google rolled out AMPs. Hence, smartphone app development is the big trend.
  7. The Digital marketing has found new ways to reach audiences and with wearable tech it has come a long way. The digital Apple watch and activity trackers have laid strong foundation in the manner in which marketing was ever done.
  8. Paid search marketing through Google Adwords and online PR is intimately linked with Content Marketing, social media and SEO. These tools have played a major role in digital marketing world showcasing a huge impact on the entire industry.

Digital Marketing trends 2017

The Digital Marketing world has bought amazing opportunities for marketers and businesses to grow their sales and increase their audiences online.


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