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From big multinationals to small vendors, everyone is online. The reason for such popularity of the internet use comes from the number of people who use internet daily. Some use it for improving their social circle, some for knowledge, some for fun and some who try to find the answers for problems in life. Using the traditional medium of outdoor marketing may help you reach a lot of people, but will you be able to know the effectiveness of the marketing done online? Going digital helps you to get valuable insights and analytics to track your success and take major decisions.

India is now the world’s third largest internet population riding on a 31% year-on-year increase, India’s online population grew to 243 million. Here are some of the facts that will help you th Internet reach in India:

  1. Younger males and women aged 35-44 emerge as power users: Three-quarters of India’s online population is under 35. Males in the segment and women aged 35-44 are amongst the heaviest users
  2. Online Retail is on the rise: While 60 percent of web users in India visit online retail sites, time spent on shopping sites still has huge growth potential. The space is dominated by local retailers led by Myntra, Flipkart and Jabong among others.
  3. Social networking still captures majority of screen time: Social Networks capture the largest percentage of consumers’ time in the region. Facebook continues to be the number one social network with a 28% increase in traffic and a reach of 86%. LinkedIn emerges as number two, while Pinterest and Tumblr are the fastest growing networks.
  4. Entertainment and online video continues to grow: The online video audience in India grew an astounding 27 percent in the past year, YouTube continues to be the top video property with more than 55% share. International publishers’ including Facebook, Yahoo and Dailymotion get a majority of the 54 million who watched videos. Local content is distributed mainly through the YouTube platform dominated by Bollywood

After having a look at the insights and facts, here are some reasons of why use the digital medium for our business and what are the online opportunities that you can grab:

  1. Highly targeted marketing to your audience
  2. Potential to reach mass amounts of people in less time
  3. Cost effective marketing
  4. Welcomes interaction from your audience
  5. Real time results delivery
  6. Campaigns can be easily adjusted/scaled up or down
  7. More visibility for brands
  8. Immediate and long term results
  9. Easy to measure the success of the campaign
  10. No long lead times nor long-term media commitments

There is no doubt that technology has transformed the relationship between a brand and its customers. Businesses that get their digital presence right have great potential to develop relationships with their customers that are stronger than ever before. The days of poor, ignorant online presence should be behind us and businesses need to start seeing the creating and maintenance of these customer relationships as one of the most important marketing tasks at hand.

At Binary, we help you right from taking your first step online to managing it and making it a success story. We help you achieve your organizational goals digitally.


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